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Fried Chicken – The Gage Way

If you’re looking for a fried chicken recipe that’s allergy friendly here it is!

My husband, who is allergic to chicken, created this just for Gage. Poor guy has no idea what chicken tastes like but he’s a wonderfully creative chef. Not an actual chef, but could be if he wanted.

He used a chicken tenderloin. Heat up some safe butter in the skillet. Soak your chicken in milk. Place some rice flour and tapioca flour in a baggie. Once the butter is hot plop the chicken in the baggie to coat it. Quickly place it in the butter. Fry it on both sides until the butter is gone. Add a little salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Both Gage and Charlie gobbled it up! Sure it’s not healthy but probably the most fatty meal Gage gets. He can’t eat junk food so I doubt this could hurt much.

Here’s a beer for you honey for some yummy fried chicken (you can’t even eat)     And, had to leave the kitchen after cooking it because it was making your allergies flare up. CHEERS!

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