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Adventure Snowman



I decided to do Christmas a little different this year. We were going on an adventure. It took a lot of decisions and planning. The only places we really ever go is to visit my parents in either Ohio or Florida. We like to camp, but that’s always for a quick weekend. THIS trip was going to be a real adventure, on the road, multiple stops, lots of driving, kind of adventure.

How does one present an adventure from Santa? By way of snowman of course! The front of the envelope that held a card told them they had to open their other presents first. He was then marked with tags on the back for which kid opens which box. Otherwise there would have been a fight.

Adventure Snowman

Charlie opened the envelope and read the letter from Santa.

Dear Charlie, Gage, Tinleigh and Layton,

This year I have planned something extra special for you.

I am going to send you on an adventure.

Its sort of a big adventure.

I have packed your bags.

There are hotels reserved.

So, get ready, youre leaving today!

Yes, today!

Want to guess where youre going?

Unwrap this snowman to figure it out!


All my love,


They were so excited after hearing this. First Gage opened the head. Inside he found 8 folded up papers and one rolled up on top. The rolled up paper told them we were headed to San Antonio. The folded up papers were “coupons” for our day long tour of San Antonio. We were going to do a bus tour, see the Alamo, go to the top of the Tower of Americas, do a 4D movie there and take a guided ride on the Riverwalk.

inkedpage 1_lisan antonio

Next up was the belly. Layton unwrapped this one and found goggles, floaties and suntan lotion along with the next destination.

page2Last box was for Tinleigh to unwrap. She unwrapped the last letter that told us we would end our vacation in Fort Worth. We had a day adventure planned to tour the stockyards. Somehow I managed to find a small bit of time to make everyone a special T-shirt!

page3fort worth

Top row: my dad, Charlie, Tinleigh, my mom.

Second row: mine, Nathan, Layton, Gage.

It was so fun coming up with something different for everyone. I’m not a matchy-matchy let’s have a family vacation t-shirt kind of girl. Mom and Dad got South Padre t-shirts because they’re snow birds and I figured they would get more use out of it than a Texas t-shirt. 

If you look back in the first picture you can see a similar smaller white box next to the snowman. That one was for Charlie and Gage. When they opened it they foundfishingThough this was a gift from Santa, Nathan’s parents gifted this special fishing trip to the boys. 

Once it was all opened and the surprised was revealed it was time to get moving, we had to get on the road. 

Santa had actually packed all the clothes ahead of time, along with the medical bag and most of the snacks. We just had a few last minute things to toss in the car. We were out the door by 1pm. 

Up next: cold weather, rain, food allergies at restaurants and what we saw.

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