With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Spring Already?

Everyone is experiencing the wonderful warmer weather and enjoying it! Nature is blooming all around us at our house and we’re taking full advantage.

We went fishing last weekend. Tinleigh went too. She’s got a lot of firsts coming her way this summer. I’m not sure how her feisty attitude is going to flow as we tote her from place to place and through all the summer activities. Maybe I’ll get her a t-shirt that says chillax, chill + relax.

That way as she’s throwing her fits in public people will still think she’s cute and giggle at her t-shirt.
I really didn’t want to go fishing when Nathan asked. Something just kept nudging me to go. I agreed even though there were 1,000 things I wanted to do around the house. It was sunny out and I thought maybe I could start working on my tan.

                                               So I pack:

the boys snacks

the emergency bag

the diaper bag


rubber boots

then fed the kids.

We were ready.
We arrive at the pond. Where in the world did this wind come from?! We’re all in shorts and t-shirts. I needed a hoodie. Luckily I had extra pants and a blanket for Tinleigh. The sun magically disappeared too.
The boys instantly took off hunting for things, bugs, frogs, worms, snakes and anything that was gross.

Nathan castes his line and instantly hooked a bass.

He threw it back and instantly caught another.

This went on 4 or 5 times. I kept telling him it was the same one. So he kept the next one. There weren’t anymore caught for a period of time.

That poor fish ate good but must have been stupid.

The boys finally became interested in actually fishing. Gage caught one and was so proud of himself.
Tinleigh did fine until she got tired. Then it was a gloves off battle. I went ahead and mixed her up a bottle thinking that would help her fall asleep. The wind was so strong that when I took her out of the stroller she couldn’t catch her breath. So we moved to the truck. Apparently I didn’t put enough rice in the formula and I had the new #4 nipple on it causing her to keep choking as she tried to drink. Well this was like adding fuel to the fire. Boy was she fired up. She also pooped while she was eating, something else that sets her off. The girl does not like poop in her diaper. After feeding her, changing her and finally finishing the bottle she was happy. Not sleepy, but happy. I’ve also come to realize that unless she’s in her bed she will not nap long. Usually 10 min tops. She’ll even wake up as I’m driving. Most babies fall asleep and stay asleep during car rides. Not my Tinleigh.

She eventually napped by the pond, for ten minutes.

After 3 hours it was time to think about heading home.

I looked at the boys.

They were smiling little mud balls.

Gage had a tiny frog hanging from his finger by it’s tongue.

Charlie had his boots off worried about the mud in his boo boo on the bottom of his foot. The boo boo he got while walking shoeless in the creek where the sewage water ran into after backing up in our basement. A whole other story.

Nathan was proud of the fish he had caught that day.

The fish that no one can eat.

Tinleigh saw her first bass and proved she will bring her temper with her whatever we do this summer.

The boys had a great day in nature, even though everything is in bloom they did not have any asthma or sinus issues!

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Beautiful Donkey Trees

We took a trip to Florida a few months ago. When we left the airport in our rental Charlie kept saying “Hey look at those donkey trees!” Like I said, he takes a speech class. My husband and I were really struggling trying to figure out what he was saying. We said yes they’re palm trees or tropical trees. Charlie was getting more and more frustrated repeating donkey. Then it hit me, he had never seen real trees like this – “Charlie are you saying FUNKY!”   “Yes Ma, look at all the donkey trees!”  We held our laughter in.

Recently in Southern Indiana everything was blooming. We were riding in the car one morning and Charlie took notice. I hear him in the back seat talking

Charlie: Wow, look at all the beautiful trees Gage. It’s like we’re in a jungle. Oh look there’s some with flowers. Hey Ma

Me: What Charlie?

Charlie: Did you see all the beautiful donkey trees?

I chuckled silently to myself. I sort of hope *donkey* sticks around a long time.

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