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Snake trap

Charlie dreamed up a plan to make an animal trap, specifically for snakes. I love his mind.

Here’s the plan he drew up. He wanted it 2 feet wide by 10 feet long. We told him that was too big so he changed it to 5 feet long. I asked about the height. He hadn’t thought of that and quickly wrote down 1 foot high.  As you can see by the picture it’s pieces of wood with a window in the side so he can observe the animal after he catches it. On the top you’ll see a metal hoop that he can tie a rope to so he can lower and raise the trap. There would be no floor, just four sides and the top.

Daddy being the sucker he is thought that he would fulfill Charlie’s dream. Off to Lowe’s they went. They arrived home with some wood and plexiglass. I know how Nathan’s brain works, it doesn’t do puzzles. I couldn’t wait to see what they came up with. Much to my surprise it came out great! It’s not 5’x2’x1′, but to Charlie it’s the best thing ever. Today he took it out front to try it out for real. Of course it’s 42 degrees and there are no snakes around but he still had fun!

Come in our yard next summer snakes, Charlie dares you.

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