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Snake Club

I arrive home tonight and the boys are yelling at me to go check the mailbox. They were so excited and could hardly stand it. So I pick up Tinleigh and we head out the front door. There’s a snake slithering across the sidewalk! I scream like a girl, because I am one. It was also bigger than I like to see slithering around my house. I yell there’s a snake. I’m thinking in my head how in the world did they do that. Nathan and the boys come running out armed with a broom and plastic container. Gage asks if I had checked the mailbox yet. This wasn’t the joke.

The snake gets to a bush. Nathan works and works to poke it out with the broom. The boys are screaming and so excited and right in Nathan’s space. So he’s telling them to get back. Charlie’s giving everyone orders on what he’s going to do when the snake comes out. I’m yelling at him he’s not doing any of what he’s saying. The snake comes out, quickly goes past the Japanese Maple and into the next bush. Gage is screaming at the top of his lungs, scared and excited all at the same time. Tinleigh starts yelling because everyone else is yelling. Nathan’s beating the bush with the broom. I’m sure if anyone would have driven by they would have thought we were crazy.

Finally the snake makes another appearance. Charlie prepares the container as Nathan pins the head with the broom and bends down to grab it. CAUGHT IT! Charlie runs and gets his snake encyclopedia, see it does come in handy. We inspect the snake. Everyone pets it. Charlie ever so gently wraps its tail around his arm and talks to it while Nathan holds the head. Tinleigh is grunting and yelling at it in her deep voice this time. Gage is begging to hold it but is too scared to touch it.

The boys and Nathan took the snake in the container back to the creek. I didn’t witness it but rumor is the snake went crazy when they released it. Charlie tried to pin its head and pick it back up. It then bit Gage’s hand and Charlie’s big toe. Neither of which have a mark but that’s what they told me. Charlie told me for the next hour his toe was tingling.

We later identified the snake as a garter snake. I guess snake club is still alive.

What was in the mailbox? A little plastic scorpion.

Charlie missed a few days of school. Today when I picked him up I asked if his friends missed him. He replied “Yes! They didn’t even do snake club. I guess that’s just how important I am.”

I just hope the snakes stay in the creek!

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