With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube


School is coming to an end and new creative lunches are getting harder to come up with.

Here are a few days worth of lunches I pack for Charlie.

Who’s got some ideas I can use?

Tortilla warmed then wrapped around a stick of cheese, cherries, Fruit Gushers, Pringles and a juice.

Sliced up pancake, cool whip for dipping, kiwi, pudding, cheese stick and juice.

Turkey and cheese sandwich, coconut marshmallows, Fruit Gushers, frozen Go-gurt and juice.

Cheese sandwich, Pringles, frozen Go-gurt, black olives and juice.

It’s actually cheaper for him to drink a juice box rather than buying milk! He does on occasion get to buy a milk, which he thinks is super cool. He’s not a huge fruit eater and won’t drink juice at home so this is usually the only way for me to get some in him.

So what are some things you pack? All ideas welcome!

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A hard lesson

Charlie starts school next week. So to make it easy on myself I’m charting his breakfasts and lunches. Not being able to grab just anything and with a baby on the way I figured I may as well save myself some huge stress.

As I’m typing out breakfast options I’m realizing that I’ll be feeding Charlie some things to fill his tummy that Gage can’t have. I almost deleted those items but then realized I have to feed Charlie and make sure he’s full for school. I can’t feed him the same thing everyday. Two big things Gage loves that I have on Charlie’s breakfast list are oatmeal and pop tarts. I actually have oatmeal and a pop tart paired up on the same day. Gage understands now that he can’t have certain things, but I feel this will be a slap in the face.

This is going to be hard.

Wonder if I can get Gage to sleep in on those mornings.

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