With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube


School is coming to an end and new creative lunches are getting harder to come up with.

Here are a few days worth of lunches I pack for Charlie.

Who’s got some ideas I can use?

Tortilla warmed then wrapped around a stick of cheese, cherries, Fruit Gushers, Pringles and a juice.

Sliced up pancake, cool whip for dipping, kiwi, pudding, cheese stick and juice.

Turkey and cheese sandwich, coconut marshmallows, Fruit Gushers, frozen Go-gurt and juice.

Cheese sandwich, Pringles, frozen Go-gurt, black olives and juice.

It’s actually cheaper for him to drink a juice box rather than buying milk! He does on occasion get to buy a milk, which he thinks is super cool. He’s not a huge fruit eater and won’t drink juice at home so this is usually the only way for me to get some in him.

So what are some things you pack? All ideas welcome!

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Ham and cheese – kid style

I came up with an old classic perfect for the boys tonight. Hot ham and cheese sandwiches!

Tried to think up a way that would be more fun and interesting for them. Pulled out some Pillsbury flaky biscuits and popped them in the oven.  We had a package of small ham cubes in the fridge. I heated up about a cup of those in the skillet.  Once the biscuits were done I immediately pulled two off the tray and opened them up the best I could in the middle. I laid a slice of Velveeta on each half then sprinkled in some ham. Closed it up and let it sit a few minutes to get the cheese melted.

I opened it up after the cheese melted.

They were great! The biscuits were a little on the sweet side for me but the boys loved them. They had some applesauce and corn along with it! Perfect for a warm spring evening.

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