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Millet treats!

I found a bag of Millet puffs while at the stinky food store with Gage. I had never seen them in this form and figured I could do something with them. Once I got them home it hit me, Millet treats! Like rice crispy treats but using millet instead.

So this morning I made my first attempt at millet treats. I followed the basic rice crispy treat recipe and just added the millet when it called for Rice Crispies.

Charlie was so excited he could hardly wait for them to cool. So I let him lick off the spatula. He loved them! They were a bit chewy and reminded me of a popcorn texture. That led me to thinking maybe next I’ll try millet balls. Like popcorn balls.

A friend told me they do millet treats but with honey and peanut butter. Sad, we’re nut free. Those sound pretty darn good! Maybe someday.

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