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Getting Funky with the Quesadillas

I’ve never ventured outside of cheese for the boys quesadillas. I have on occasion cut up some teeny tiny pieces of meat and hid it in there. Today – I went all out. With Gage now wheat free I had to get him some corn quesadillas.

First I cooked up some black beans and mashed them just a bit. With Charlie being able to eat beans now I can expand some of their meals and sneak in some extra fiber. I spooned some of that onto the wheat and corn quesadillas. Topped it with a few spoonfuls of canned sweet corn and black olives. I finished up with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. I cook each on their own hot skillet, don’t want  to cross contaminate. Flip a few times and it’s done!

I always garnish their plates with sour cream, mild safe salsa and some mashed up avocado. They typically will only eat the sour cream, but they always try out the other dips.

At first they were both a little unsure about what I had done to their quesadillas but the more they ate the more they liked them! I was pretty excited to get them to eat it!


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Mexican night!

Our menu is expanding as we’ve added a few more foods back to our diet. I really feel like we’re almost “normal”.

What kid doesn’t like cheese quesadillas?!  It’s sometimes hard to find some flour tortilla’s the boys can eat. Most have soy flour in them. I did find some smaller 8″ ones this time at the store. So I sprayed the skillet with cooking spray laid in one tortilla, covered it with cheddar and mozzarella cheese and topped it with the second tortilla. You can add beans, meat, olives, tomatoes, pretty much anything. My boys can’t eat beans and won’t eat them with meat. So we stick with plain cheese. Once  I’ve flipped it once and they’re done I use a pizza cutter to cut it into triangles. Charlie and Gage haven’t had condiments in a year. We’re slowly getting some back. However, since not having them in so long they claim to not like them. I do load up their plates though. I mash-up an avocado and put a dollop on their plate along with sour cream, mild safe salsa, olives, tomatoes and some lettuce. They usually will try everything but not always eat all of it. I feel like as long as I put it on the plate it will tempt them enough to keep trying it and get use to eating it. You can serve other sides like re-fried beans and Mexican or Spanish rice.

Now for Nathan and I we did burritos. Stayed with in the same lines of the boys dinner making it easy on me! I used ground beef for the meat base. We have done this with ground pork, not sausage, pork. Taste is just about the same once you get the spices in there. We used the burrito spice packet this time instead of taco.  I then set up a little bar of toppings: lettuce, olives, salsa, sour cream, mashed up avocado (Nathan can’t eat store-bought guac.), spanish rice, re-fried beans and original bushes baked beans. Baked beans are sooooo good on tacos and burritos. Something my dad taught me when I was little. That’s it! Load it up. Everyone had a full tummy.

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