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Pork, Hold the Fruit

We eat pork usually every night of the week. (I have always hated pork) This is the only meat aside from lobster, crab and shrimp that Nathan isn’t allergic to. Who can afford shellfish every night of the week? (Oprah – can you hook us up?) My latest “help” is to check out cookbooks from the library and just go through them page by page to find recipes.

When making many different pork dishes a few repeating ingredients are pineapple, apples, and oranges. I have actually started yelling at the cookbooks. Nathan is allergic to all fruit. This has become a never-ending battle for me. I can feel the tears start to well up every time I see “add one cup apple juice” or “add one can crushed pineapple”. There’s no getting around it. I know it’s not really about me, it’s about finding safe things for my husband to eat. However, this love affair between fruit and pork is really starting to upset me.

Dear Pork and Fruit,

Next time I see the two of you together I will throw my beer at you! 



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MMM Ribs

My husband is quite the grill pro. We had some wonderful pork ribs for Memorial Day. We’ve never offered the boys any because we didn’t think they would eat them. Last night Charlie took note that we were all eating ribs and that we were chewing on a bone. That right there said T-Rex to him. So he wanted to try one out. With Charlie chewing on a bone Gage just knew he would have to partake in the ribs as well. They both ate a rib! That’s a huge step to having one more meat they’ll eat.  YEAH RIBS! I should say “Yeah, we can pretend we’re a T-Rex!”.

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