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Going out for pizza

Since moving to a new town Nathan has found a pizza place that he’s fallen in love with. It’s more of an Italian restaurant that serves great pizza. When his parents came to town to stay he insisted we take them there.

Gage can’t eat wheat anymore so this posed a big problem with going out for pizza. The pizza isn’t really the take out kind, the bottom gets soggy if you don’t eat it right away. They do have other Italian dishes there but Gage loves pizza. So how would we go eat pizza and tell him he can’t have any?

Let me back step just a bit. Once the boys were diagnosed with food allergies I’ve become a bit aggressive in their food defense. If we go somewhere and coolers aren’t allowed or no outside food is allowed to be brought in my mother bear claws come out. I explain our situation and why we need to bring in our own things. Food allergies are somewhat of a disability and I try not to let our disability stop us from doing or going places.

I decided I would bake Gage his own pizza and take it with us. So I made up some Chebe pizza crust and fixed him up a pizza right before we left.

I threw in a few Chebe bread sticks because they serve you bread sticks while you’re waiting on your food. I stuck a few toothpicks in the pizza and covered it with foil.

When kids arrive the waitress brings pizza dough for the kids to play with. I had to quickly block that from happening. Charlie remembered and asked about it, I just told him they were out of it that day. We ordered Gage a plain salad to munch on along with his bread sticks. He thought that was cool he got his own salad.

Gage knew that I had brought him his own pizza and he was fine with that. I am so thankful my kids understand and are accepting of the fact that there are some things they just can’t eat. I was really worried being 3 he would want our pizza. Maybe he was excited he had his OWN. So when our pizza arrived I set his in front of him. He got busy and gobbled it up!

We don’t go out to eat often, maybe this is a way we can still do it.

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