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Presto Pesto

I found a recipe for a pork roast with pesto. It was so simple. You make the pesto yourself which I did. I left out the garlic so Charlie could eat it too.  Threw the roast in the over and let it cook. Towards the end you cook egg noodles, in our case regular spaghetti noodles. You mix remaining pesto with the noodles and serve the meat over the noodles. I made up each of the boys a plate and they went to town. They loved it. Nathan thought it was great as well. When I finally made myself a plate and sat down I was starving. I dug in. The noodles had a bit too much pesto on them. The meat could have actually been cooked a bit longer. It was such a fatty roast I actually had a flash back to childhood when my parents would make me eat pork roast. I had to dump my plate and find something else to eat.

Glad the three of them enjoyed it! I’ll just have a beer.

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Wheat -where have you been all my life?

Oh that’s right I’ve been allergic to it. Just some thoughts I’m sure Gage is having now. Let me back up a bit.

Gage recently was scoped for a EE check up. Everything came back clear! No eosinophils in his esophagus or blood stream! What a huge happy day for us. Dr gave us the go ahead to try corn. So after two weeks on corn with no reactions I called the allergist. He decided to go ahead and let us try wheat too. We’ll stop there until the next scope. For the past few days Gage has had wheat products. The very first thing he asked for were “Charlie noodles”. Coming from a two year old it was pretty cute. Oh he loved them! He knew just how to stick his fork in there and twirl it around. He’s also had a few Ritz crackers, two oreo cookies, a slice of toast and a cinnamon roll. No reaction. We’ll go slow on it for a while just like with the corn. I told my husband if he can have corn and wheat back then i’m fine with just that! Yeah wheat and corn!

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