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Gage’s Breakfast

I forgot how hard breakfast was without wheat and oats! Just try it for a morning. Better yet, try it out on your preschooler. No, try it out for a week on your preschooler.

Let’s see there’s yogurt, fruit, bacon and a few corn cereals. We’re on that for the next 3 months at a minimum. He’s also going through a growth spurt and wants to eat. It’s getting hard.

I’ve tried some pancakes with “weird” flours. Today I tried Johnny Cakes!  Super simple recipe.

2 cups cornmeal

1tsp salt

4 TBS butter

1 cup milk

2 TBS boiling water


1. Mix cornmeal, sat and butter together. Add the milk and enough water to make a moist but firm batter.

2. Drop by large spoonfuls onto a hot greased griddle. Flip when brown on one side.

They were thick, I mean thick. So you may want to flatten them a bit with the spatula once you drop them on the griddle. The Johnny cakes were yummy and taste a bit like a corn muffin. You can top with butter and honey or maple syrup. I think even spreading jelly on them would be good. Gage liked his with syrup and a side of turkey bacon.

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