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Grilling for a Benefit

Nathan was asked to be the grill man at a cancer benefit. He agreed since he loves to grill. Although, a little disappointed once he found out he was only grilling hot dogs, he still did it. So as the grilling began I chased the boys everywhere while they played. We made our way back over to Nathan and I noticed he was taking ice from the cooler and sort of washing his hands and arms. At first I just thought he was cleaning himself off. Then I thought “Oh no, did he burn himself?” So I went over and asked what he was doing. Poor guy had hives up and down his arms and hands. Turns out the hot dogs had chicken in them. I had never seen him react like this before. He had cooked chicken on the grill for the boys and myself and never had a reaction. So he basically took a step back and let the other two guys handle the dogs until it was over. I wonder what will happen next time he does chicken for us.

A few side notes while at the benefit:

Charlie asked if he could go request the Christian band to play Luke Bryan’s “Rain is a Good Thing”

Charlie was later blown up by a storm trooper. He was so excited.

The benefit was for  – a children’s book inspired by McKenzie Brownlee—-Its a celebration and memory of a courageous little girl who fought a STRONG battle with cancer. All author’s profits go to the McKenzie’s Smile Foundation. Purchase one today to donate to her foundation!

Two other authors were showcased at the benefit as well.      and

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