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Perfect 10 Dinner

I have to come up with new dinner ideas, I just have to. So tonight the boys had a few new items. We did a typical grilled chop. They chose ketchup or BBQ for dipping. For side items I made a from scratch cream of spinach topped with parmesan cheese. Followed with sliced mango and a cream cheese and cool whip dip.

They loved it all! Score one for mommy!

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MMM Ribs

My husband is quite the grill pro. We had some wonderful pork ribs for Memorial Day. We’ve never offered the boys any because we didn’t think they would eat them. Last night Charlie took note that we were all eating ribs and that we were chewing on a bone. That right there said T-Rex to him. So he wanted to try one out. With Charlie chewing on a bone Gage just knew he would have to partake in the ribs as well. They both ate a rib! That’s a huge step to having one more meat they’ll eat.  YEAH RIBS! I should say “Yeah, we can pretend we’re a T-Rex!”.

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Just Grillin’

Grilled out last night. I think that is going to be the easiest dinner for me to make to include everyone. My husband and I had italian sausage. He put some chicken on for the boys. He then grilled some zucchini with red and yellow peppers. We added a little italian dressing to the veggies. Everyone ate and mommy was so happy!

Tonight might be a little tougher. Tacos or a pasta dish? Including Gage in one of these meals is going to be hard. We’ll see what the day brings and how much time and effort I’m going to have once dinner gets here.

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