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Beautiful Donkey Trees

We took a trip to Florida a few months ago. When we left the airport in our rental Charlie kept saying “Hey look at those donkey trees!” Like I said, he takes a speech class. My husband and I were really struggling trying to figure out what he was saying. We said yes they’re palm trees or tropical trees. Charlie was getting more and more frustrated repeating donkey. Then it hit me, he had never seen real trees like this – “Charlie are you saying FUNKY!”   “Yes Ma, look at all the donkey trees!”  We held our laughter in.

Recently in Southern Indiana everything was blooming. We were riding in the car one morning and Charlie took notice. I hear him in the back seat talking

Charlie: Wow, look at all the beautiful trees Gage. It’s like we’re in a jungle. Oh look there’s some with flowers. Hey Ma

Me: What Charlie?

Charlie: Did you see all the beautiful donkey trees?

I chuckled silently to myself. I sort of hope *donkey* sticks around a long time.

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