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$4.99 in the trash

It’s very frustrating to make a new recipe and have it taste bad. Imagine trying to make a new meal for your allergic kiddo and have them not like it. Then imagine having to quickly make them something else for dinner, after you’ve already made three other dinners that are safe for your other family members. The frustration is not enjoyable. You are so excited to have a new meal for them and then to have that excitement squashed like a bug. It’s my own kitchen emotional roller coaster.

Now I want you to think about your weekly grocery bill. Go ahead and multiply that by lets say 3. Then times 4 for four weeks in a month. There’s our bill. Even with two on feeding tubes it’s expensive because of the special foods they can eat. Your bread costs on average $1.50, ours is around $6.00.  Gages special chocolate chips are $5.50. We also eat a lot of produce, out of season prices go up. Feeding allergy kids isn’t cheap. My boys aren’t even in their teens yet. Thank goodness they aren’t on a beef only diet the way prices are going up. I may start raising hogs though.

Enough rambling on that, onto my main point! Throwing money in the trash.

I found Gage a new brownie mix today and wanted him to have it after school as a nice treat. The cost was $4.99. Seriously, it wasn’t even Ghirardelli or any other fancy chocolate. It was good ol’ Betty Crocker giving it a shot in the world of allergy food. DSCN4370The ingredients call for two eggs. Well Gage can’t eat eggs, he’s anaphylactic. So in Betty’s defense I couldn’t make these as called for. I used Gage’s butter which is smart balance light. For the eggs I used a mixture I’ve been using forever: 2 tsp baking powder + 1 Tbsp water + 1 Tbsp oil

I found this mixture in here DSCN4373 You can order one HERE

Once I mixed the batter I found it was very thick. So I added just 1 Tbsp more water. DSCN4374The box said it would be thick but I didn’t have enough wet ingredients to absorb all the mixture. Then in the pan it went. While baking the brownies smelled delicious. Just like normal brownies. However, when the timer beeped they looked like a hot bubbling mess of tar. The box said when inserting a toothpick it shouldn’t come out all the way clean. But this was a mess. So I baked them an extra few minutes. Now they were starting to smell burnt. I pulled them out. DSCN4379This recipe definitely needs the eggs so they will rise. I was running around like crazy mixing formula and feeding the baby before I had to go get them from school. So the brownies just sat, I didn’t really check them out too closely.

When the boys got home they smelled them and flew to the kitchen like little hound dogs. So I served them up. Well, they were only a few centimeters thick. DSCN4381

They did taste good! The boys didn’t finish their “brownie”, but they ate a few bites. It sucks to see their little faces all lit up, then watch them eat the tasty treat and see their faces sink because it’s not what they were expecting. So there goes $4.99 in the trash.DSCN4380I will give Betty an A+ for flavor. However, she needs to come up with an egg free recipe and she’ll sell millions. So if you can eat eggs, but need a gluten-free brownie, give these a shot!

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