With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Big hearted big brother

This morning after a healthy breakfast Gage asked for one of his Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies. I said sure and he went and grabbed two. Charlie of course had to have a cookie as well. So I gave him the go ahead and he went and got a couple of his Cherry Brook Kitchen chocolate chip cookies. Gage ate his cookies right up and asked for more. Charlie told Gage he could have one of his. I interrupted and let them know that Gage can’t have that kind anymore because we have to wait for his throat and allergies to get better. They both acknowledged that they remembered that. Then Charlie said to Gage “Gage, I hope your throat gets better soon so you can have these cookies again.”

It just touched my heart that even though Gage still has cookies Charlie wanted his little brother to get better again so they can share.  I must be doing something right!


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