With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Here we are, I can’t believe it.

I remember when the allergist first told me about eosinophilic esophagitis. “It’s an allergy disease, you treat it with steroids and then you will gradually get eat regular foods again.” I thought oh that’s not so bad. We’ll get rid of all these allergies and everything will be fine. I then remember going home and finding out more about it. I read about kids with feeding tubes because they were so allergic. I watched videos and cried for those kids. Never did I think that would happen to us.

Tonight we told Gage he’ll be getting a feeding tube. I told my 4 year old he can’t eat food anymore because his body has become so allergic.

My sister-in-law ordered Gage a Tubie. It came today. Just in time for us to tell him before meeting with the surgeon tomorrow. 

The dog has a button just like Gage will get.

It honestly ran a chill down my spine when I first saw it. The thought of that sticking out of Gage’s belly. I know he needs it, he needs the nutrition to help him grow big and strong.

We started our talk tonight by just giving Gage the dog. He was so excited. We told him to check the dog out. For the first 5 minutes neither he or Charlie noticed the button. In the meantime Tinleigh was screaming at the dog on the other side of the ottoman. I finally had to tell the boys to check the dog out and find something special about it. Charlie discovered the button first. I explained to them that the dog has eosinophilic esophagitis just like they do. I then went on to explain the dog is allergic to everything, so to get what he needs to grow he gets his “milk” through a tube and it goes into the button. I then went into asking them if they remembered when they were just scoped and told them we the doctor called me with the results. This is when I choked up. I couldn’t get the words to come out of my mouth. I just couldn’t tell him. I looked to Nathan. He was the same as me. Right at that moment Charlie asked where the tube was to go in the button. I jumped right up and went to get it. Wiped my eyes quickly and sucked it up. Returning with the tube we tried to figure out how it worked. I managed to blurt out that Gage and I were going to see the doctor tomorrow and he would tell us how the tube goes in there because Gage was going to get a button just like his dog. Charlie instantly started getting upset and said “Oh I’m sorry Gage.” I said no Charlie it’s ok. It’s going to make Gage’s muscles big and help him grow. Gage grinned. I kept telling Gage that his esophagus just doesn’t like food right now. Charlie keeps trying to interrupt with “oh no I have bad news”. Nathan tried to quiet him as did I. You never know what’s going to come out of Charlie’s mouth. Finally Charlie couldn’t take it anymore. “Guys I’m sorry but this means we can’t wrestle anymore.” I let them know that they wouldn’t be able to wrestle for a while. Gage insisted that meant 3 weeks. I just went with it. Tinleigh is still screaming at the dog and now has a hold of the tube trying to put it on like a necklace. They overall didn’t have too many questions. I felt good. The speech I had planned in my head was nothing that came out of my mouth. What did come out of my mouth worked perfectly and that’s all that mattered.

Gage named his new friend Sarge because he is a police dog. Gage also played the I’m nervous card at bedtime. The typical 5 minutes after we put him to bed he comes out and says why do I have to get a button? I had him come sit on my lap and just said because your body doesn’t like any food right now. He then says “Oh, can I stay up?” He’s a sales man just like his daddy. Nathan almost laughed himself off the couch trying to hold it in. I had to turn on the hard mom face and shew him back to bed.
So tomorrow I get all my questions answered by the surgeon with Gage on my side. I’m sure I’m more nervous than he is. I hope it stays that way though. I don’t want Gage to be scared.

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