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Gage Update

Gage was scoped in December the same day as Charlie. We had tried to take Gage off his steroid when we took Charlie off his, but Gage started choking and coughing a lot so he went back on it. Before this scope we had removed wheat and oats from his diet because of his horrible bad scope in July. So we were really hoping there would be improvement.
It took a little longer than usual for the GI doctor to call me after their scopes so I called her. She gave me Charlie’s news with great enthusiasm. Her mood drastically changed when it was time to talk about Gage. Gage’s scope was still very bad and that is why she hadn’t called me. She didn’t know what to do and was trying to figure it out. His mid esophagus had 14 eosinophils and his distal was 54+ and there are fibrosis. Fibrosis is the hardening of the tissue which is what we are trying to avoid and the reason we do special diets trying to find the trigger foods. I got very upset. So it’s more than the wheat and oats that’s causing Gage’s issues. I told her that the only other food he’s eating that was removed before is corn. She reminded me that his patch test came back positive to pork and green beans. So after a long discussion she left it at we remove pork and green beans and keep him on his steroid twice a day. We’ll re-scope him in 3-4 months. At that time if he isn’t better, then we’ll remove corn. So Nathan and I had a talk that evening and we talked about why waiting to take out corn, because that eliminates a lot of everyday things for him. We then decided that we would let him try potatoes. If he did ok on potatoes then we would take out the corn. If he has a clean scope next time we know it’s probably pork, corn or green beans. If it’s a bad scope then we know it’s potatoes.
Gage is currently off the following foods:
peanuts and tree nuts
green beans.
It’s tough. Although having potatoes allows him to have a few flour mixes and cake mixes he couldn’t previously have because of the potato starch. Now if he could just have rice our world would be so much easier.

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Charlie Update

Since I’ve been neglecting the blog for the last 3 months it’s time for an update on everyone.
Charlie was scoped in December. He has been off steroids for around 10 weeks. His scope came back zero eosinophils! This was a huge relief to us to know the steroids weren’t masking the disease. If they had been masking the disease we were going to have to remove the foods he had tested positive to when he had his patch testing. Two of which were wheat and milk. So it was very important for him to have a good scope.
Charlie has been eosinophil free since last December. He went from not eating 20 foods down to 10 this past year. The GI doctor told us at this point we don’t need to scope him unless he starts showing symptoms or we just want to know what’s going on. We are also allowed to add foods back one every two weeks. We are adding them back in order of least allergic to most allergic. We’ve given him deer and he did just fine. Next will be rice, then celery. From there it gets a little tricky because it’s foods that are typically highly allergic foods or foods we’ve seen reactions on.
Here’s his current do not eat list:
peanuts and tree nuts
seafood with the exception of lobster
all melon
going to try celery and rice.

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So hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk

Temps reached a new high todayI decided we should try to fry an egg on the sidewalk!

Both boys are allergic to eggs, Gage’s reaction is anaphylactic.

I went ahead and tried anyways. I made them keep their distance. All prepared with plate, two eggs and spatula.

Cracked them open and put them right on the sidewalk.

With not a cloud in the sky all day of course one had come out of no where and cover the sun. So we waited for the clouds to pass.

With the sun shining bright nothing happened. I then tried cooking one in foil.

Turns out it doesn’t work. We waited a half hour and they didn’t do a thing.

I was pretty disappointed.

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Had a bigger than oops on vacation

Gosh darn if mommy didn’t have a brain fart while on vacation. I blame it on the new baby.

A few weeks after our move the boys and I went to visit my snow bird parents. Mom had everything we would need for the beach including lotion. We have only ever used Aveeno lotions. Mom had another well-known brand. After day one we quickly learned that Gage was allergic to the lotion. He had a head to toe rash. I mean this kid was covered. So for two days he got some Benadryl to help it go away and not itch. Well the second evening we were headed to the store. The boys were begging for candy before we went. Mom asked me if they could have a peppermint patty. Now, in the back of my head I knew they have an egg in them. However, we had been eating the new peppermint pieces at home right before we left for vacation. So out of my mouth comes sure give them one. Luckily she had the miniature ones, not the full size. As I’m strapping Gage in his car seat he’s coughing and starting to sound a little funny. It smacked me in the face. OMG, um mom we better go back up to the house.

By the time we are back up to the house Gage is non-stop coughing and almost lost his voice. He realizes he doesn’t sound right and keeps asking why. I call Nathan asking his opinion on the steps to take. (Nathan has done this his entire life for himself) Gage is’s not visibly swelling but I can tell his throat is. Nathan says give him Benadryl and an albuterol breathing treatment.  I do both. While mom is holding him doing his breathing I’m on the phone with my quick tech brother who is finding us an ER incase I must use the epi pen. We quickly learned we would have to make a decision quick because there’s not a hospital near and would need to call an ambulance. His breathing treatment ends and he sounds back to normal. The coughing had stopped too. We watched him like a hawk the next few hours and wouldn’t allow him to go to sleep. Everything turned out just fine.

Sure the normal parent would have called 911 and stabbed their kid with the epi pen. Until you’re in my shoes don’t judge me. We’re pretty sure the dose of Benadryl he had gotten at dinner time for his rash is what saved him. That was definitely the scariest thing for me to happen to one of them, so far. We did learn that Gage is still very allergic to eggs and probably won’t be adding those back to his diet ever!

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Our new enemy – CORN

Here’s a list of Gage’s food allergies that was stay clear of: beef, wheat, soy, sesame, celery, mustard, eggs, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, all nuts & fish.

Since doing the blood test yesterday to check for more food allergies we are staying clear of corn. CORN is in everything. It was in 75% of the baby food he could eat. While making him Gage safe pancakes this morning I learned corn starch is in baking powder. There goes our egg substitute for baking. Then at lunch I learned corn syrup is in the safe hotdogs he can eat. What else will you pop up in corn. Oh there goes a snack – popcorn!

This will not be a fun week and a half while waiting the results.  

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