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Pancakes – the hard way

Since removing wheat and oats from Gage’s diet again we’re back to baking with the “weird” flours. I found a great blog that I was able to contact and get a pancake recipe from. I did have to swap out a few ingredients because Gage either couldn’t eat them or we didn’t have that specific flour on hand.  They cooked up great! A bit flat but we aren’t able to use egg or an egg replacer. I typically use a little mixture of oil, water and baking powder instead of egg. The great thing about the pancakes is they weren’t chewy. We’ve had a hard time in the past figuring out the flours and things always ended up chewy. These actually had some fluff to them, even though they were flat. As far as taste went I think because I swapped out the main flour it made ours taste a bit too nutty for Gage’s liking. He ate a few bites then decided he didn’t like them. So we’ll try again.

We were just excited it was a great starting off point for pancakes, a true staple in our house!

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Flu shots suck

Poor Charlie. He has not tested positive to eggs, however I have seen him get hives after licking a hard-boiled egg. Recently he has gotten an itchy mouth after eating a baked good with egg in it. So we try to avoid eggs. Last year Charlie had the flu shot. This was before any of his allergies we going crazy. So this year we thought it would be a good idea to do a skin prick test and make sure it’s safe for him. Since Gage and Nathan cannot get the flu shot we need to try to keep it out of the house. Gage typically ends up in the hospital from a cold so we don’t need anything worse.

Off to the allergist Charlie and I go. (I honestly just felt a wave of tired fill my body and don’t really want to finish this story. So……) 

Charlie had a very rough time. He is honestly terrified of needles – is there a phobia for that?  He hid under the chair, took 3 nurses and myself to get things done. I hate allergies. He did get the flu shot.

Sorry this blog ended like it did. I just couldn’t type the whole story, hurts my heart for Charlie.

I need a beer.

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