With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

6 Weeks

We met with the GI doctor. sigh  We’ve come to the conclusion Gage is just a very allergic kid. Since we haven’t found his trigger his body is just overreacting to everything he seems to eat a lot of. That is why he’s showing an allergy now to millet, sorghum and chicken. Gage is also still growing. He recently had another growth spurt and is on the upper side of the growth scale. The combo of those two facts have put us face to face with two choices.
1. We give his diet one more change removing the newly positive foods PLUS dairy.
2. We go ahead and put in a feeding tube.
We have the best GI doctor. She asked me if we wanted to make the decision or if we couldn’t she would do it for us. I expressed that Nathan and I had spoken all week about what we wanted to do with Gage. We knew in the back of our minds what was coming but we never said it to each other. We only spoke about the choices we would make in changing his diet. So I let the doctor know we wanted to give it one more go around before calling it quits. I can’t in my heart just do the tube if I feel like I can try one more change. I have to know I’ve done everything I can for him. Gage’s esophagus is at a point where we start risking him stricturing shut. So our game plan is to change his diet and scope again in 6 weeks. He won’t be completely healed by then but we will be able to tell if there’s improvement at that time. If there is no improvement then it’s time to put the feeding tube in.
So Gage’s new list of do not eat foods are:
beef – along with anything containing gelatin
sweet potato
tree nuts
coconut – tested low but we’ll use it sparingly for baking. I don’t think I would risk letting him drink it daily and his body starting to highly reject it
apple is in the blood test and possibly may get taken out
We are still waiting on the final word from the GI doctor for the blood test we had done. Chicken was a low positive and we didn’t skin prick for rice or oats so those were in the blood test as well. I highly doubt we can add rice in but it would be a huge help.
We’ve made it through the weekend ok. It’s going to be a tough 6 weeks, but hopefully worth it. The big thing in our house is the boys have hot cocoa every morning. It’s basically milk with hershey’s syrup or carnation instant breakfast warmed up in the microwave. They drink it religiously like I drink coffee. So we had a talk why he can’t have it. He told Charlie immediately that it wasn’t fair for him to drink it if he didn’t get to. So I’m now on a panicked search to find him some hot cocoa. There isn’t really a replacement milk we can use. Coconut, occasionally with risk. Goat’s milk we don’t want to risk since he’s so allergic to beef and broke out in hives when he ate deer. We would really have to test him on something like hemp before giving it to him.  Charlie and I had a talk and Charlie told me right away he would go hide in the basement to drink his hot cocoa. I laughed a little. He won’t give it up, but he’ll figure out how he can still have it and make everyone happy. So for the last two days he’s drank it in the bathroom.
I attempted pancakes for Gage Sunday morning. By noon I had “donuts” ready. Lot’s of tears and ruined batches of goo but I came out with a winner and they both at them right up! Phew! Keep an eye out for the “I’m allergic to everything donuts”.
I have noticed in just a short 36 hours of being off of dairy that the dark circles that are always around Gage’s eyes are gone. I do hope it correlates to what’s going on inside as well!


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So hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk

Temps reached a new high todayI decided we should try to fry an egg on the sidewalk!

Both boys are allergic to eggs, Gage’s reaction is anaphylactic.

I went ahead and tried anyways. I made them keep their distance. All prepared with plate, two eggs and spatula.

Cracked them open and put them right on the sidewalk.

With not a cloud in the sky all day of course one had come out of no where and cover the sun. So we waited for the clouds to pass.

With the sun shining bright nothing happened. I then tried cooking one in foil.

Turns out it doesn’t work. We waited a half hour and they didn’t do a thing.

I was pretty disappointed.

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