With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Layton’s Joining

20170222_165417Layton seems to be taking a different route to the allergy world than the other 3 did. She was on neocate as an infant, after that though, we’ve fed her normally.

I’ve always fought her to eat. She hates eating. It’s definitely her least favorite thing to do. Unless it’s dum dum suckers.

Tonight I fed her toasted cheese filled ravioli and spaghetti sauce with mushrooms. About 4 bites in she said no more sauce. She then gobbled the rest right down. It made her gunky and stuffy. Was it too much dairy? Was it the egg in the ravioli? Was it the tomato sauce?

20170222_232959Layton is still covered in these tiny little bumps. It’s eczema. I’ve started giving her daily allergy meds and slathering her in Eucerin cream. It’s still spreading though. She’s even started waking up with welts. Very itchy little welts. As of today she has 2 on her belly, one on her hip and more on her thighs.

I just look at the eczema and welts but I haven’t said it out loud yet. I think I’m waiting on the allergy testing and scope in April. I’m just not ready for one more. It’s already too hard. Maybe the timing of giving Gage and Tinleigh a trial break is just what I needed to be able to get Layton figured out? We’ll see. I’m praying maybe it’s all environmental at best. If she really is joining the crowd hopefully she’s more like Charlie and not part of the “rarer club”.

I will say, as insane as this life we live is, things always fall right into place for me. I guess it’s time for Layton.

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