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Keeping the Patches On – day two

Upon waking I immediately check the boys backs. They turn into the sweatiest little things when they sleep. We had turned the air down to 70 in hopes they wouldn’t sweat as bad as they normally do. Everything looked good. I had to add a bit more tape to each of them but so far everything was still in place.

My plan for the day – to keep them busy but not running around getting all sweaty and dirty. Keeping the tape dry also means no shower. Ew.

We get dressed and eat breakfast then head out to run errands. After the errands we head to the cowboy store for some boots! They were so excited. They both have wide feet so they haven’t been able to get any because they all tend to run so narrow.

We did finally find a pair for each of them. They couldn’t have been happier!  That is, until Daddy got home. Daddy looked over their boots then wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to me. “Do you know you bought Gage girl boots?” UGH! I was so frustrated. He got the first pair he tried on, loved them and they were wide enough! How do you know I asked?  He then pointed out to me on the bottom it said Lil Flirt. There was also a scalloped edging across the toe. Not very manly.

So we explained to Gage that we accidentally got him the wrong pair and we would get him different ones tomorrow. He was totally fine with that! Phew

It was definitely the longest afternoon of my life. Trying to keep two little boys from wrestling, wanting to play outside in the heat and keeping them entertained and calm. I felt bad for them. They have so much energy it was hard to contain themselves.

That night I stood them each in an inch of water in the tub and did my best to get their stink off. It was hard for Gage to understand that he couldn’t sit down. He’s still on the steroids for his wheezing so he’s extra irritable, made for a fun sponge bath.

They both made it into bed with out loosing a patch. I was so proud of myself. 🙂

16 more hours till the patches come off.

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