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Shepherds pie – beef free, potato free, wheat free, pea free

I was feeling adventurous today.  I decided I would make a shepherds pie for the boys.

The boys can’t eat beef or peas and Gage can’t have potatoes or wheat flour.

I can still do this! So I got out my recipe card and read it over to get the general idea of what I needed.

Here’s the list of substitutes:

Beef = chicken

Flour for gravy = corn starch

peas = omit and use corn, carrots and green beans.

potatoes = mashed cauliflower

Around lunch time I threw chicken and a can of chicken broth in the slow cooker and let it cook. Around 4pm I started putting together the pie. I first cooked the veggies a little to soften them up. I used fresh baby carrots and frozen corn and green beans.

Next I sautéed a little onion in some olive oil.

I shredded up the chicken instead of cutting into bite size pieces. I figured it would be easier for them to eat.

I poured the chicken broth from the crock pot into a pan and brought it to a boil on the stove. I made a little cornstarch and water mixture to thicken the broth. After slowly adding the cornstarch mixture I added some salt and pepper for taste. Once it was as thick as I wanted I poured it over the veggies and mixed. After mixing the veggies and broth I added the chicken then placed in a casserole dish.

While doing everything else I had some cauliflower cooking on the stove. Once soft I drained it and put it in the food processor. I added butter, milk, salt and pepper then hit the button. Once creamy I topped the mixture in the casserole dish. I finalized it by sprinkling paprika on top. I then baked it at 350 for 30 min, until bubbly.

I spooned some into the boys bowls and let it cool. They loved it! Charlie picked out the carrots, of course, but they ate every last bite I gave them.

What a huge relief, it was a lot of work. I tend to get frustrated when I work really hard on a real meal and they end up not liking it. I put the leftovers in a Tupperware bowl and put it in the deep freezer. Easy homemade meal for once the baby arrives! (That’s a whole other blog topic)

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Super Healthy, Super Easy Supper!

Kids don’t like things mixed together. Forget about casseroles. Especially if you have EE.

I made the easiest dinner for the boys last night!

We had some left over Pillsbury crescent rolls. I cut them open and laid a slice of Velveeta on them. I warmed up a hot dog, cut it lengthwise then again in half. Laying the cut side on the cheese I put the top on allowing the warm hotdog to melt the cheese. While that was happening I broke out the veggies. Some carrots, broccoli, and tomatoes.  Added a little fat-free Kraft ranch dressing for a dipping sauce and I was done! But wait, what about some fruit to balance this meal out?  I cut up a banana, thawed out some strawberries and cut them up and dumped in a small can of mandarin oranges. I then sprinkled it with some sugar and put it in the fridge to chill while they ate their dinner.

It took a little coaxing on all the veggies but they cleaned their plates and gobbled up the fruit! My kids are both allergic to a lot of veggies and fruit. Have your list of what your kids can eat handy and pick from that to create their healthy easy dinner plate and fruit bowl. We are just now able to eat the fat-free ranch dressing and hot dogs. There’s egg in regular dressing and most hot dots have tons of things we can’t have.  You could mix some sour cream with bacon bits and chill for an hour or so allowing the bacon bits flavor to sink into the sour cream. I know Tastefully Simple has a lot of dry dip mixes you can get. Just add them to sour cream or if you can have egg use mayonnaise.

I felt really good knowing they both had a healthy dinner in their bellies. Nathan and I had left over burritos. He wasn’t as happy. 😉

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