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Another Gage Flare Up

So being off corn for 3 weeks Gage flared up again. Face, butt and diarrhea. Poor guy. What could it be this time? We’re thinking oats or rice. Both have a very low positive. So he’ll come off rice and oats until he gets cleared up then we’ll reintroduce them and see what happens.

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Clear Complexion!

Gage woke up today with his bottom looking as healthy as it did the day he was born! Yeaaaaaa for Gage. I can only imagine the relief of that itching.

Bad thing is it could mean the corn really is an allergy for him. He hasn’t had any in three days, in any form.

Butt, ( 😉 ) let’s cheer for Gage anyways ……… bottoms up!  ♥

It’s mommy beer time

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