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I love Halloween

I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I don’t know if it’s the rush of getting spooked. Getting to dress up as anything you want or all the candy. Every year since we’ve had Gage I’ve tried to make the boys a duo. The first year it was the magician and bunny.

I don’t know if it gets any cuter than that.

The second year they went as the hunter and the deer.

I was so proud of pulling these costumes together without buying much. Again, so cute.

This year was a little harder. Gage now has a bit of an opinion and the ability to throw a fit if he doesn’t want to wear something. Charlie has the ability to change his mind a thousand times. So when Charlie saw the dragon costume at the store and totally had his heart set on it I figured our Halloweens of being a duo were done. Gage told me over and over he was going to be batman. We have a batman play costume. So that was fine. Batman and a dragon. 😦  Then it hit me. I had seen a warrior type costume as we were leaving the store and thought oh the knight in shining armour. So I grabbed Gage and we went to the store. I tried to get him excited about getting something and it worked. We bought the costume which actually turned out to be some sort of Mongolian warrior but we changed it a little and borrowed some gear and poof he was a knight. They of course wanted mommy dressed up as the princess but I didn’t have anything that would work and I wasn’t about to go blow some money on an old prom dress to be a princess for a night.

We trick-or-treated for 2-1/2 hours. Daddy and I each made a cup of Halloween spirit to take with us and sip on while walking. We had one costume change and potty break at home. Gage had to put on batman. We also learned that Gage on sugar is like a crack head that ran out of money. This boy went crazy. We obviously don’t give them much sugar. Now I know I never will! He was walking up and down the street making funny noises, walking funny and yelling for MORE CANDY MA!  Lucky mommy gets everything they can’t have. Which I am surprised they had a huge pot of stuff they can have. I don’t eliminate everything processed around peanuts since our peanut allergies aren’t that sensitive. But I do still get all the Reece cups. mmmmm 

Three cheers for Halloween!

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