With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

My bow man

I love Gage’s enthusiasm for everything outdoors. Different from Charlie’s constant digging and bug catching. Gage is more of a sportsman. He absolutely loves shooting his bow. I hope we can find some competitions for him this summer. He is strong as an ox and has the strength to pull it back all by himself. Any amount of time Nathan will give him to go shoot, Gage is all over it.

DSCN3049He even shoots while feeding. Tubie on the go!! I am so thankful for that little backpack.



Just another something to do where food allergies don’t get in the way. They do tend to get pretty stuffy and a mess when they go to the woods to hunt, but my boys don’t care about the snot. I just wash them down and give them Benadryl when they get home.

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