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Comfort food – two ways

What could beat hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes? NOTHING. So that’s the goal dinner for the evening. No, not sausage gravy, hamburger gravy!

For a while we were doing sausage gravy since no one but myself could eat beef. Nathan has since added beef back to his diet and the boys now have turkey. So Charlie and Gage will have turkey gravy.

Ground turkey and ground hamburger

I started out with one skillet of a pound of hamburger and the other maybe 3/4 cup ground turkey. Which I made add is a brand new cooking food for me. With Nathan being deathly allergic to poultry I’ve never branched out in cooking with chicken or turkey. This was the first pound of ground turkey I’ve ever bought.

I then chopped up some onion and tossed it in. Then brown the meat and drain the grease.

After you have drained the grease turn the heat down and add enough broth to cover the top of the meat plus a little more. I have found some generic chicken broth that the boys can have. A lot of it has celery – they can’t have celery. Nathan is still technically allergic to beef so to reduce the amount of beef in the meal I add vegetable broth. Simmer this until some of the broth cooks down, then add a little more.

While this is going on I boiled some potatoes and popped some biscuits in the oven. We typically eat this meal over mashed potatoes but since Gage is allergic to potatoes he’ll have his over a biscuit. To make the mashed potatoes with this meal is tricky. Technically I should be making two batches.  Since Nathan can’t have dairy he uses a non-dairy butter and would use rice or soy milk. Charlie can’t have rice or soy. So in this case I just use Nathans butter and regular milk. Are you confused yet on who gets what? lol

Once the broth has cooked a while longer mix up some corn starch and water to thicken it. If you want more gravy add more broth at this point. Make it as thick or thin as you like. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Poof it’s done! Charlie gets the mashed potatoes with turkey gravy. Gage has a biscuit with turkey gravy. Nathan and I have hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes.

Phew I’m tired.

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Ham and cheese – kid style

I came up with an old classic perfect for the boys tonight. Hot ham and cheese sandwiches!

Tried to think up a way that would be more fun and interesting for them. Pulled out some Pillsbury flaky biscuits and popped them in the oven.  We had a package of small ham cubes in the fridge. I heated up about a cup of those in the skillet.  Once the biscuits were done I immediately pulled two off the tray and opened them up the best I could in the middle. I laid a slice of Velveeta on each half then sprinkled in some ham. Closed it up and let it sit a few minutes to get the cheese melted.

I opened it up after the cheese melted.

They were great! The biscuits were a little on the sweet side for me but the boys loved them. They had some applesauce and corn along with it! Perfect for a warm spring evening.

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