With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Road Trip!

Day one:

In the midst of all our bad news Nathan was getting ready to head out for a trade show. Why don’t you all come with me he says. Get out of the house and take a break. I checked with the school and that was fine for Charlie to miss the rest of the week. So at 6pm Monday night I packed up.

I am a pro at packing. I can pack for a weekend, week or the entire house in the blink of an eye. Once we were all set we needed a trailer to load everything.

3 duffel bags of clothes

3 kids book bags with things to do

a large cooler

a medium Rubbermaid container with dry food

pack n play

one extra bag for meds, nebulizer and pool things

plus a book bag for me of quick snacks, tablet, camera, a few extra coloring book with crayons and the dvd player with dvds.

The next morning we were on the road for our 9 hour road trip. We all feared the screaming display Tinleigh would put on. She is still a screamer and recently hates to ride around town. I’m not sure if it was the constant motion or if she just sensed she needed to be calm but the stinker only had maybe a few outbursts. The boys didn’t even nap and all was well the entire way.

I had packed ham for the boys with bread, chips, sunflower seeds, Gage’s fruit pouches, Charlie granola bars and baby food for Tinleigh. Eating along the way worked out just fine.

We arrive late in the evening and head down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. We’re sure they have something the boys can eat. The kids menu had grilled chicken for Charlie but no pork for Gage. They do have pork chops on the menu so I ask if they can do a child size and pan fry it.

Waiter: No ma’am but we do have the apple compote butterfly chops.

Me: Ok then cut it in half and pan fry it.

Waiter: Ma’am do you realize they’re $22.

Me: Yes I do, but he can’t eat anything else.

Waiter: Ok, would you like the apple compote on it?

Me: NO, please just cut it in half and pan fry it plain. Steamed broccoli and pineapple on the side.

Waiter: Do you want the apple compote? NO!

Me: I’ll eat the other half of the chop.

Nathan and I then each order a beer. We needed one after a long day on the road. Waiter brings Nathan’s and walks over to hand me mine. Somehow, the big round tray lands on Tinleigh’s head the beer flips off onto the table backwards spraying poor shocked Tineligh in the face and all over the table. I wanted to crawl under the table of chaos. With in 2 minutes they had us up and moved to another table. Poor Tinleigh stunk like a beer and was hysterically crying at the drink guy. I had to take her out.

While Tinleigh and I were out the rolls came. Nathan and I decided that since Gage is getting a tube what’s the harm in a little wheat until it happens. He’s never had an outward reaction on it and he’s even had a clear scope while eating it. We don’t really know if it affects his esophagus or not. So Nathan allowed them each to have a half of a roll. When I returned with Tinleigh the boys were both grinning ear to ear so excited to tell me they ate a roll. I would have never guessed something so common for anyone else going to dinner, would be so exciting to an allergy kid. I of course panicked because we didn’t know what all is in them. I asked, we never did get an answer. Shortly after Gage became extremely gunky, coughing and could barely talk. We gave him Benedryl and it cleared him up. Gage repeated over and over that it wasn’t the roll making him cough, it was his lettuce. Broke my heart. He wanted more roll and was trying to make it OK for himself to have another one.

Going to bed that night was tricky for Tinleigh. She’s fine in the pack n play but not fine with others in the room. Took some screaming and a completely dark room to knock her out.

We all slept in the next morning which was a nice change. Ready to start day two!

Not sure I really realized what an adventure this was going to be.

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