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Lunch please

Shaving cream fight

Shaving cream fight

Charlie has basically been on the same foods for a couple years now and successfully had clean scopes. One could say he is in remission. Charlie can eat wheat and dairy which are huge in our diets. What Charlie is lacking is proteins. I am at a loss for something new to pack in his lunch. I need some ideas! Please help him.

Here is his current do not eat list.


tree nuts

soy (he does eat little amounts, such as if it’s the last ingredient in bread. I’m not talking soy lecithin either, I mean soy flour. Tofu? No way)








scrambled eggs (he can now eat eggs baked in things as long as it’s minimal)


the melon family which includes pumpkin




His list really isn’t bad at all. But he won’t eat chips or pretzels. He’s sick of apples. He’s sick of sun butter. He’ll eat pudding all day long but that won’t sustain him. Any ideas are welcome!!


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Mom tip

When at the grocery, if the regular item has ingredients in it your allergy person can’t have always look at the light or fat free version. They often will omit ingredients and it may end up a friendly food in your home!

For example – Smart balance butter has dairy in it. The Smart Balance light does not.

So take the time to look at items closely to expand their food variety.

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Wheat -where have you been all my life?

Oh that’s right I’ve been allergic to it. Just some thoughts I’m sure Gage is having now. Let me back up a bit.

Gage recently was scoped for a EE check up. Everything came back clear! No eosinophils in his esophagus or blood stream! What a huge happy day for us. Dr gave us the go ahead to try corn. So after two weeks on corn with no reactions I called the allergist. He decided to go ahead and let us try wheat too. We’ll stop there until the next scope. For the past few days Gage has had wheat products. The very first thing he asked for were “Charlie noodles”. Coming from a two year old it was pretty cute. Oh he loved them! He knew just how to stick his fork in there and twirl it around. He’s also had a few Ritz crackers, two oreo cookies, a slice of toast and a cinnamon roll. No reaction. We’ll go slow on it for a while just like with the corn. I told my husband if he can have corn and wheat back then i’m fine with just that! Yeah wheat and corn!

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EE x 3 = beer (except we’re allergic to that too)

Just a little brief catching up…My husband was recently scoped and low and behold he has EE to the extreme. Sort of like Vanilla Ice. Ice is something he’s actually not allergic to. He scored positive on 39 foods. YES, 39. Yikes. Don’t worry he still gets to eat! Check out our updated list of allergies under the allergy tab.

So now mommy is dealing with three special EE diets. It’s not easy, but it’s our life. WAIT! Should I have my own tv show?  Atleast a discovery health special. TLC are you reading this? lol

I’ll be back, promise! I am spending lots of hours cooking and looking for meals to make. This blog got put on the back burner. LOL

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Clear Complexion!

Gage woke up today with his bottom looking as healthy as it did the day he was born! Yeaaaaaa for Gage. I can only imagine the relief of that itching.

Bad thing is it could mean the corn really is an allergy for him. He hasn’t had any in three days, in any form.

Butt, ( 😉 ) let’s cheer for Gage anyways ……… bottoms up!  ♥

It’s mommy beer time

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Amish Allergies

So I grew up in a small village with lots of Amish surrounding us. I’m talking, no electric, horse buggies, strict Amish. I had a thought the other day. The Amish grow up farming, always outside, around animals, hay, all the pollen, do they have allergies? Then I wondered, do they have food allergies?  I’m so curious about this. If they don’t, what in the world are we doing different?

My mom is going to ask a local Amish lady what she knows of allergies.

I know of a lady in Italy that was just sort of “diagnosed” with EE and they don’t know enough about it to help her. So is EE only mainly in the United States? What is going on?!  I’ve been told and have read that they’re thinking we are getting more allergies because of immunity shots. Our body has nothing to fight against so it’s creating these allergies. Dagg-on-it. I want my kids healthy and believe in vaccines but these food allergies are really getting us down.

So Amish – what’s your secret? No shots right? Are vaccines common in other countries? I know they are trying to link autism to vaccines but I’m really wondering if vaccines are the cause of rising allergies.

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