With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

On A Dime

I had a great day today. Scrubbed the kitchen. Switched Layton’s wardrobe up a size. Organized the laundry room / mud room. The girls were happy all day, and so was I. Layton discovered her screaming voice. 20141117_154232Tinleigh stayed out of daddy’s camo paint. We picked the boys up from school and everyone was in a good mood. Great day all around. We continue with our typical routine for the evening. Boys get a computer turn. They do homework. They eat dinner. Nathan comes home. Total daddy excitement is in the air. They play, shower and eat some more. Typical.

We’re going to back up though to the part where the kids eat. Tonight Gage asked for salmon which he’s been eating since October 2013. I cooked him up a fillet in his butter and served it to him. I then went about my evening as usual. He didn’t say a word, but once Nathan was home I noticed he didn’t finish it and had left the table. Tinleigh had been begging Nathan to eat.  He agreed to make her some pancakes and Gage chimed in that he wanted some also. Gage was helping Nathan cook and he asked me if I had fairy godparents what would I wish for. I waved my hands over his body and said I would wish that you don’t have allergies anymore. He replied “and no button too?” I said of course no button! I then noticed his upper lip was red. I took a closer look and asked him if it was itchy. Nathan slightly shook his head yes. Right then, my day turned on a dime. I then noticed a spot on Gage’s chest that had a bump and was all red from him scratching it. Gage didn’t want to but said yes he was itchy, then quickly tried to think of something other than the fish that it could have been from. He told me it was from the corn chips that he had last night. I went for the Benadryl but as I did Gage accidentally burnt his knuckle while helping flip the pancake. Off he went to the bathroom to run water on it. Nathan went in to check on him and I could hear Gage was upset. Nathan returned and sent me in. Poor Gage, his little eyes were all red from crying and he told me his eye itched. We went to the couch and I got some medicine for his little burn. While we sat there he said “Mom, I think I’m allergic to fish” then the tears came. OH THIS SUCKS!!!!! So I held him and tried not to get upset too. It’s been a year that he’s eaten fish. Why now? Why do their little bodies play these cruel games? I tried to be reassuring and told him that sometimes you can be allergic to one certain kind of fish but not other kinds. Which is true. So we’ll have to try a different type in a few weeks. We’ll give his body a chance to relax a little. It’s just so frustrating though, sad too. PAUSE………… (coughing in the distance)20141117_200241

I ran upstairs and Gage was continuously clearing his throat and coughing. I asked what was wrong. He said his throat was gunky. I asked if anything else was wrong and if he felt worse. He said yes. That sudden flash of panic rushed over me. Oh shit he’s having a delayed reaction. It’s been a good 2 hours since he ate the salmon. This is after the dose of Benadryl an hour ago. Okay don’t panic mom (in my head) we’ll just give him some more Benadryl. So I give him another half dose. He keeps coughing and clearing his throat so I ask him some more questions without suggesting anything. Don’t ever ask direct questions like does your throat feel like it’s closing. Let them describe it to you in their own words if they’re old enough. It’s still gunky and a little tight because it’s gunky. Nathan and I have a quick huddle and decide to give him an albuterol nebulizer treatment. Yes, of course I’m still panicking. That’s what a mom does. Nathan assured me that if it was really bothering him he wouldn’t be sitting there calmly playing a video game. He says this from his MANY experiences. I agreed. So I sat through the nebulizer treatment watching him like a hawk. Things seemed to be improving. His actual respritory system wasn’t effected or we would have immediately given him the epi pen. We did the nebulizer as caution, preventative. As for now he’s okay. I’m thinking though we won’t be trying any other type of fish until a long conversation with the allergist or some testing. I’m not willing to take that risk.

Dear Allergies and EoE,




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The Phone Call

In recent news you may have read about the little girl who died eating a peanut on a dare.  I Immediately had a conversation with Charlie about how to handle a situation like that. His response “I will punch them in the face” I quickly let him know that’s not how to handle it, but I feel a little better knowing I’ve covered this with him.
On Thursdays Gage goes to preschool for 3 hours in the morning. I had Tinleigh down for nap and 10 minutes into my workout when the phone rang. “Hi Kara, this is **** at Gage’s school. I have Gage standing here with me, he’s fine, but his eyes are very puffy and watering. They made pine cone bird feeders this morning with peanut butter and bird seed.” At this point my heart started racing. I immediately asked if he was breathing ok, he was. I told her to give him 2tsp of Benadryl and I would be right there. As I’m heading out the door the phone rings again. This time it’s his teacher. They couldn’t find his Benadryl in his bag. There it sat on my counter right beside the sink, we had used it the night before. I grab it and race to his school 3 min away. I walk into his little room and his back is to me. As he turns around I thought is this my kid?!  His poor little face. His eyes were little slits and water was just pouring out. I immediately give him his medicine and start asking questions. The response I got was “We thought since his disease was more internal it would be ok if he touched the peanut butter.” I  wanted to scream. They also told me he washed his hands right after he was done and they had done this an hour earlier. They said they hadn’t noticed it until chapel. I could tell by how bad it was it didn’t just happen,but instead they weren’t really paying attention to him. I asked Gage if his eyes hurt when he went to gym, he said yes. So it was an immediate reaction. I explained to his teachers and the director that Gage had never eaten a peanut because he tested positive before he was old enough to eat one. I further explained because he hadn’t eaten one before we didn’t know the severity of what his reaction would be. Obviously Gage is pretty allergic to peanuts and it’s more of an allergy than related to his EoE. As we were walking out they were taking snack in to the kids, nutter butters. UGH!  I always pack Gage’s snack so he wouldn’t have eaten the nutter butters, still, why would you feed a group of 3 year olds peanut butter?!
Gage was very embarrassed about how he looked. I drove him right to Nathan’s office to get his opinion if more needed to be done. The whites of his eyes were even swollen. Gage refused to get out of the car so I had daddy come out. We agreed to just keep giving him Benadryl unless he broke out in hives, his eyes got worse or his breathing became effected. Home we went.
I made him a little bed on the couch and let him eat lunch there while watching cartoons. I was almost afraid to feed him anything in fear another allergy would kick up and make things worse. After an hour I gave him another 1/2tsp Benadryl because he wasn’t looking any better. After he ate and another hour passed he was getting tired. Since Tinleigh is loud I thought he would rest better in his own bed. He asked to sleep in mommy’s bed which is something we never do, so I agreed. He went right to sleep and I checked on him every 10 minutes. Even with his eyes closed he looked miserable.

After nap

His teacher did call to check on him that day and sent me a text later in the evening. I just kept repeating that there were to be no more peanuts in the room as Gage could have a bad reaction.
It wasn’t until 36 hours later that Gage looked normal. We had a talk with him that he should never touch peanut butter again. He’s 3 though, if his teacher says do this, he’s probably going to do it even if peanut butter is involved. So we’ll add peanuts to his outward reaction list. I’m so thankful he didn’t try to taste it.
Charlie wanted to know why they didn’t use Sunbutter. I still don’t know why they didn’t check with me first. Gage didn’t look normal until 36 hours after it happened.

The next morning

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Great big day! (gross picture)

We started the day headed to a friend’s house. My husband, my mom, Charlie, Gage, my nephews and myself. It was one of the best days ever. The first few hours we fished and took rides on the paddle boat. My nephew caught 5 fish!

Then I realized I hadn’t packed a single diaper. I had packed snacks and any medication the boys might need but no diapers. Next came rides on terrain vehicles and tractors. Then I was challenged to shoot a bow. GAME ON!  I’ve never actually shot one but was pretty sure I could do it. So we’re all taking turns then my nephew shoots. Finger in the wrong spot, feather fletching lodged in his index finger. Poor guy is only 8 and it hurt. We couldn’t pull it out so off to the ER we went. I drove and my mom came along. I left the other three boys with Nathan and his buddy. I called and told Nathan to just take Gage’s diaper off and let him run naked. We weren’t at the ER for an hour and I get a text picture. I haven’t laughed so hard in forever. Little guy had to go so he went! So gross. Then I get a phone call. They had gone inside with the dog. Turns out Charlie is allergic to dogs despite what the tests said. Charlie’s eye swelled right up and he was coughing. So Nathan gives him Benadryl that he had in his pocket. Cracked it open and dumped it in some root beer. Well recently Charlie has been having reactions to everything and root beer is one of them. Nathan didn’t know and it wasn’t his fault. Poor Charlie another allergen with an adult dose of Benadryl. By the time we got back to the house everyone was exhausted, smelled like fish and we were all sunburnt. Not bad, just a warm pink. Charlie looked like he had been in a boxing match. I had stopped and bought Gage some diapers on the way back and we bought them all something they could eat. Charlie passed out on the way home and slept a good 13 hours.

Despite the ER trip, allergy attack and poop accident it was one of the most fun days we’ve had in a while!

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