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Charlie’s test

Charlie had his turn at the allergist. I hate putting him through it. He absolutely fears needles. He’s had some bad experiences that are just forever in his mind. The night before I told him we were headed to the allergist in the morning. He started crying. I told him Tinleigh did it and Gage did it. I also told him Gage didn’t even cry this time around. Which, he didn’t, but they did it on his arms and there weren’t too many. Gage assured Charlie it wouldn’t be bad. They always try to comfort one another with kind words.

After dropping Gage off at school Charlie and I made the hour drive to our new allergist. Daddy kept Tinleigh because I knew it probably wouldn’t be fun in a tiny room with an upset Charlie and screaming Tinleigh.

We arrive at the office and are called back to the room. Charlie is talking the nurses ear off as he usually does. We get in the tiny room and he freaks. We assure him the needles won’t happen quite yet. Then I see the doctor. We discuss what we want to test for. He leaves the room and Charlie makes his move. I knew he was scared and I didn’t blame him. I promised him a milk shake when we were done and we talked some more about Gage and Tinleigh being brave when they did it. He came out on his own. Thank goodness. The nurse comes in with trays of vials. My stomach dropped. She asked Charlie to hop on the table and take his shirt off. There were too many to do on his arms. Then my chest got tight. She showed Charlie on his hand what she was going to do. He begged to see the needle. I explained she had to keep it clean until it was time to use it. We got him on his belly and I asked her if she had a friend to come help. I knew someone would have to hold his legs. She quickly grabbed a friend and went to work. Charlie was so nervous, he kept trying to peek over his shoulder. We assured him she wouldn’t get the needle out until she tells him. I had the dvd player right in his face to try to distract him. It didn’t work. Then it was time. He had 66 drops of liquids on his back. That meant 66 tiny needle scratches. I held his little shoulders down and she went to work. It was horrible. She worked quick though and got it done in maybe 30 seconds. He begged her to stop and give him a break. I was glad she didn’t, I don’t think he would have let her finish. Wow did he welt up. We retested him on every inhalant. That would be trees, grasses, molds, animals and dust. He is allergic to EVERY inhalant but one mold. EVERYTHING. The only foods we tested him on that he’s currently eating were chicken and oats. Chicken was positive, as it was before, and oats were negative. Beef and soy are now negative which was a shock. Eggs are now testing positive, when in the past they were negative, but he doesn’t eat them because of getting hives. All nuts and all fish are still positive, strange because he’s eaten lobster and shrimp just fine. It’s all a jumbled mess. So what do we do? His biopsy numbers are low and could simply be from the reflux he’s been having. Then again it could be from the chicken he’s eating and he’s starting to flare. Do we feed him beef when it made his lips blister before? What if beef is what made him flare in the very beginning?

It’s just all a risk. So Nathan and I decided we’re taking away chicken, keeping him on his reflux medicine and slowly reintroducing beef. We’ll keep him this way for the next 6 months and then re-scope him. If he starts having issues then we’ll remove the beef and get him scoped sooner. I won’t allow him to eat beef at school or a McDonald’s burger quite yet, but at home with mom and dad it will be allowed.

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