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The $6 Cheese

Let’s say you went to the grocery store and the only shredded cheese they had cost $6. Would you buy it? As an allergy parent spending that much on a bag of special cheese is normal. Spending that much more on an allergy free version of anything is normal. It’s a huge shock at first, especially to the bank account. You get use to it.

Tinleigh is dairy free, but can eat some of the things Gage couldn’t because she doesn’t have all the same allergies. This cheese happens to have pea protein in it, Gage is very allergic to pea.

I have known about this cheese for about a year. I have avoided buying it though because it costs $6. I didn’t want to buy it for a baby who may not like it. I finally bit the bullet. Tinleigh’s getting board with her meals. Time to venture into the world of fake cheese.


I first let her try it straight out of the bag and she loved it.

Then I warmed some up on a few crackers, still loved it.

Today we tried a grilled “cheese” sandwich.


Tinleigh can eat most any bread as long as it doesn’t have soy flour in it. We use Smart Balance light for her butter, dairy free. Then of course the $6 cheese.


First nibble wasn’t bad


Second nibble made me laugh


Then she tried to give it back


Nope! She was just kidding.

She didn’t eat a lot of it, but it’s another option I will try again!

She will eat the entire bag of $6 cheese.

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