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Know the Dosage

I had a scare today, what’s new.

As I was making the boys lunch I turn to see what Tinleigh is doing. Little stinker had found Charlie’s milk cup and was drinking it. OH NO SHE’S DRINKING IT! CHARLIE GET YOUR CUP!!!

Charlie’s grabs his cup. She of course screams at him and comes after him into the kitchen. By the time she reached me she was coughing and very gunky. I picked her up and she had hives around her mouth. I grabbed a wash cloth to wash her off. She was now digging at her ears and rubbing her whole face. WOW the reaction was coming on quick. OK Benadryl – SHIT WHAT’S HER DOSAGE???

Last I knew it was 1/3tsp but how much did she weigh then? I hop on the phone and call the pediatricians office. “Hi I need the dosage amount for a 20lb baby for Benadryl right now please” I was transferred to the nurses voicemail. I hang up and call our allergists office. “Hi my baby is having an allergic reaction. She weighs 20lbs and I need her dosage amount for Benadryl” After a minute the receptionist comes back and says “The nurse said it can be different with different brands of Benadryl. You need to call the pharmacy you got it from.” I hang up.

I went ahead and gave her a 1/2tsp. Well not all of it made it in her mouth because she decided it was gross. I don’t blame her. Still coughing and itching I wanted to find out what her dosage is and if I could give her more. So I call the pediatricians office again along with texting a few nurse friends. This time I let the receptionist know that I had just called and I need the answer right now. Again, I am transferred to voicemail. By this time I am getting incredibly angry. I Google it and find nothing then call the pharmacy. Whom I’ve called before for drug advice for my kids but they told me I need to ask my pediatrician. So I didn’t have big hopes. Luckily the girl did help me!

A baby weighing 20lbs can have about 3.6ml, which is closer to 3/4tsp.

THANK YOU! So I gave Tinleigh a little more.

Lesson of the day: Always know dosage amounts before you have an emergency.

Now, not every family would think to know the dosage amount of Benadryl for their family. What if they did have an emergency like I did. They may have no clue how much to give their baby. I will be letting the doctors offices I called know what happened today. I am not a happy camper. I have jr epi pens in the house and could have used one if needed, but again, not everyone does.

In the meantime Charlie keeps apologizing to me. I told him it wasn’t his fault. Not to worry about it. She is fine. He replies “Well, at least we know” Meaning we know how allergic she really is to milk. He’s exactly right too. I didn’t know, she hadn’t had a dairy product since she was 2 months old through my breast milk. I had tried around 9 months to give her nutramigen milk based formula but she maybe only had 3 oz total of it. She didn’t have a reaction because the protein is so broken down her body probably didn’t recognize it. I could only get about an ounce in her at a time, she didn’t like it. I had been thinking about giving her some food now with milk in it to see how she did. Now I don’t have to. Now we know.

So that was just another adventure in our allergy life.

Charlie was home from school today because he has croup. Yet another new adventure we’re dealing with right now.

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