With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Happy 8th Birthday  Charlie!

ry%3D400We had no idea what we were in for OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou are full of life!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADefinitely all boyDSC02615Very much a little scientistDSC04683I love to listen to your thoughts and ideas. Always thinking outside the boxDSC05729I hope you know how brave, intelligent and loving you are.

DSCN1232I hope you forever keep those qualities.

DSCN3326I am so excited to see what your future holds. IMG_00000085For now, please just stay little.

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Helping Mom

I have to share a bit of how Charlie’s mind works.

The teacher’s question: How do you help your mom?

Charlie wrote “I help by being lazy”

I asked why that’s helping. He said because I’m not asking you for a snack, to play a game and I’m not getting more toys out. I’m being lazy and leaving you alone so you can clean.

He drew himself laying on the couch. Even did the detail of the blue lamp, chandelier and blinds in the window. That’s me in the pink shirt looking like a line backer.

Thank you Charlie for “helping” me.

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Let’s smile

Enough bad news let’s all smile, it’s Friday.

Charlie has a new smile! He lost his first tooth this week at school during lunch.

Who wants to guess what he was eating when it came out?

He couldn’t have been more proud of himself. He kept telling me now he has a hole in his smile.

That boy warms my heart. If you ever meet him, give him 10 minutes to talk and he’ll warm your heart too. 

Something funny he also recently asked about was his football fundraiser. This sparked MANY ideas in his engaging brain. Mom, can families raise money for fun things they want to do? We are saving for Hawaii (in the far future) so maybe we can ask people to give us fun money for our trip. Oh Charlie, if it were only that easy. He thought it was fun-raiser instead of fundraiser. He really thought the idea of going door to door was easy enough. Why wouldn’t people give us money for our trip? I love innocence. 

Any guesses on the food he was eating?  

It was a Vienna sausage! So gross, but he loves and can eat the chicken ones.

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Big hearted big brother

This morning after a healthy breakfast Gage asked for one of his Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies. I said sure and he went and grabbed two. Charlie of course had to have a cookie as well. So I gave him the go ahead and he went and got a couple of his Cherry Brook Kitchen chocolate chip cookies. Gage ate his cookies right up and asked for more. Charlie told Gage he could have one of his. I interrupted and let them know that Gage can’t have that kind anymore because we have to wait for his throat and allergies to get better. They both acknowledged that they remembered that. Then Charlie said to Gage “Gage, I hope your throat gets better soon so you can have these cookies again.”

It just touched my heart that even though Gage still has cookies Charlie wanted his little brother to get better again so they can share.  I must be doing something right!


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Charlie my love

Charlie is a super caring little 5-year-old. I had an ultra sound this week and we took the boys along. Thought it would be fun for them to actually see the baby inside mommy. As I laid back on the table and the nurse dimmed the lights Charlie approached the foot of the bed and said “It will be just fine mom”. He then started to rub the lower part of my legs to comfort me.He continued to stand there rubbing them until I was done.

Later that evening Charlie got in trouble for getting a little aggressive with the box of Cheese Its when I said it was time to put them up. Nathan yelled at Charlie and told him we don’t act like that. Charlie turned to Nathan getting tears in his eyes and said “Dad, you better not yell when we have the baby here, you’ll make it cry”. Nathan responded “well you better not act up”. Charlie said, now crying, “you can’t yell like that because you’ll make the baby cry!”. Oh my goodness, I won’t have to worry about any jealousy with him, he’ll just be an over protector!

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Mr. Tummy

So the boys got punished and had to take a nap today. Charlie comes out after about 15 min. and says mom my tummy is growling. I said well you should have finished your lunch get back in bed.As he’s walking away he says well my tummy told me if i don’t get something in there he’s going to give me a piece of his mind.

Good thing he closed the door and couldn’t hear me laughing.

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Pajama jeans!

So as we’re leaving to take Nathan to the airport this morning

Charlie asks : mom, do you like your jeans?

Me: Yes Charlie.

Charlie: Well, mom, do you like your pajamas?

Me: Yes Charlie.

Charlie: Well then you should get pajama jeans! They don’t leave those nasty jean marks.

Nathan and I were laughing so hard.

Although some maternity pajama jeans don’t sound too bad!

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Charlie the Man

Charlie has recently turned into a man. The easiest way to turn into a man is wear blue jeans, a button down red plaid shirt, boxers and a tie. If you’re feeling really manly add daddy’s boots and his ball cap. The tie can really turn any outfit into a mans outfit. We don’t know where this idea popped into his head from but it’s been really cute to watch. Tie’s apparently go with anything and everything, even Halloween costumes. We even wear them everywhere with out the slightest bit of embarrassment.

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Toys for Baby

Playing blocks today with Charlie he informs me that we shouldn’t get rid of any of his toys. I asked him why. Not sure why I did that. He responds “because one day God is going to put another baby in your tummy and the baby will need them.”

The boy is getting crazy about me and another baby. I would love to have one or two more. Not at this point in our lives though. Does Charlie sense how much I want one right now? Does he have ESP? 

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I like your bra.

While in the laundry room waiting for Charlie to change his pants he spots a clean bra in the basket.
Charlie: Mom, I like your bra. Do you know why?
Me: No, why?
Charlie: Because it covers your boobs so I can’t see them. Do you know why else? Because its big so it can fit your boobs.
All I could do was laugh.

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