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Christmas Cookies

When Tinleigh asked me if she had enough foods so we could make Christmas cookies I thought for a quick moment and replied YES! Then she persistently asked me about every 10 minutes all day until we actually made them.

I shuffled my feet all day and procrastinated making them. Then I found a recipe online for eggless sugar cookies. Then I adapted it using her safe flour and dairy free butter. I also used coconut milk instead of cows milk. So these little cookies were wheat free, egg free, dairy free and everything else free.

I mixed the dough in my ninja to make sure it was blended well. 20171209_163253.jpgChilled the dough as the recipe suggested then tried to cut out the shapes.

That didn’t go so well. Cutting them was one thing. 20171209_172327.jpgRemoving them to move them apart was another. 20171209_173430.jpgSo I baked them right as they were.

Luckily they puffed up a bit and didn’t run into each other as I had feared. I mixed up the frosting colors and let the kids get right to it! 20171209_181545.jpgThey were so excited. I’m not sure we have decorated cookies since before Tinleigh was born. We may have in NY but TInleigh wouldn’t have remembered that, she was too young. 20171209_181614.jpgEven though our shapes didn’t turn out perfect no one said a word. They were just so excited about the whole experience I think they would have iced anything I sat down in front of them.20171209_181644.jpg For once Tinleigh didn’t have much to say. She went right to work. They only thing she did say, and made sure the others heard her, was “Guys if it wasn’t for me we wouldn’t be doing this”. She was right. It didn’t cross my mind once to make cookies this year. I had given that up years ago. 20171209_181656.jpgThey were so cute. Each with their own plate of cookies to decorate. They are very different from each other and decorating cookies showed those differences.

Layton’s cookies were not as messy as I had expected. She even tried using different colors on each cookie to make them rainbow cookies. She is definitely my artist. You should see her color! 20171209_183439.jpg

Tinleigh’s cookies were very much like the crafty pictures she creates. Lot’s of details and she wanted to try and use every thing she had available to her. 20171209_183651.jpgGage was done first. His cookies surprised me a bit. He is the messiest one at our house. His cookies were so neatly done. When I offered him sprinkles he said NO WAY! 20171209_182723.jpgLast,, in true Charlie fashion, he was a little bit about the decorating and lot about using a ton of icing. I was just happy he wanted to take part. 20171209_183424.jpgThe kids were done and they all wanted to eat one. Of course I said yes. This is where things took a turn for me. You may not be able to understand. I’ll do my best to explain.

For 7-1/2 years now I have been cooking and baking different things for my kids to eat. Failure rate of baking is high. So I guess the reason I shuffled my feet all day not wanting to make these cookies was because I didn’t want them to fail. I couldn’t cut them out the way I had hoped. The girls actually wanted to take part in that as well but couldn’t because the dough just wasn’t set up enough. Well, it was after it was chilled, but it quickly came to room temperature and was like mush. Then the shapes weren’t exactly as the kids thought they would be, but it was okay. A lot of little things were failing. A failure that I’m way to familiar with happening.

The decorating part went amazingly well. No one fought and they were SO HAPPY! So when it was time for them to taste their creations my excitement level was low. This is where I always get a thumbs down, faces frown and everyone is disappointed. Tonight though, it was different. They all LOVED them! They actually loved them. I didn’t know how to feel. I was drained. You may think I’m crazy, but I told Nathan it’s almost like I’ve been conditioned to allergy baking failure. Time after time baking them something that failed I was feeling that sad feeling through the whole process. It may have also been because we don’t know if we’ll ever get to do this again. Or possibly I felt sad because this was the first time Tinleigh was ever getting to decorate Christmas cookies. So when I saw them actually enjoying the cookies I didn’t know how to feel. I wanted to feel happy, but instead I just felt numb.

Maybe I need to try baking again. Maybe I should just stick with sugar cookies. Since Gage and Tinleigh are eating a bit more currently I should make the best of it for them. Why not, they deserve it.

I wish every allergy and EoE mom best wishes this holiday season with their baking explorations. It’s frustrating, exciting, time consuming and, most importantly, I had forgotten, SO WORHT IT. Just to see their smiling faces, it’s always worth it.

Merry Christmas.

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