With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Eat like me

Today I want to challenge you. I am going to list what my kids can eat and I challenge you to eat like them for the day or the rest of the week!

Rules arephone2 127

1. No cheating, obviously

2. You can’t eat out. You have to pack a lunch and snacks for the day.

3. You still have to cook a regular meal for your family while you eat only these foods. Cooking two different dinners will give you a feel for how it is in our house.

4. If you fail you donate $10 to CURED camera 048

Good Luck!

Charlie – these are the foods Charlie can not eat.

shellfish     beef     chicken     turkey

peas     egg     mustard     soy     sesame

all melon     pineapple     banana     mango

frog legs     deer     all nuts

Gage – these are the only foods Gage is allowed to eat

rice     tapioca     cocoa     green beans

oranges     limes     lemons     blueberries

olives     strawberries     cauliflower

Tinleigh – these are the only foods Tinleigh is allowed to eatphone2 180

olives     blueberries     enjoy life chocolate chips

bananas     squash

For those that are new to our family Gage and Tinleigh also have a feeding tube for their main source of nutrition.

I challenge YOU!

Consider donating $1 to CURED if you succeed in honor of these kids!

May 19, 2015 - Posted by | LIVING

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