With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

My Baby Turned One

Why is it with each child they seem to get older faster than the others?


Layton turned one. Her first year has flown by for me. She’s had more adventures than most babies will have. She’s lived in 2 states. Lived in two different houses. Flown 4 times. Stayed on a farm for a month and a half. Drove from the east coast to the midwest. Swam in a pool. Experienced her siblings having anaphylactic reactions. Been to the beach. Has her own home health services. Been in the ocean, loves to eat sand. Experienced huge amounts of snow. She LOVES Mickey Mouse and blueberries. She screams at all animals. All of them. She laughs like a baby woodpecker. She’s almost walking full time now.


Layton has the best personality and is the happiest little girl. Thank goodness because I don’t have time for a cranky baby. She is still on elemental baby formula. We tried switching her to rice milk but she became very constipated. I don’t think she seems to have any allergies. I do believe she has a prune intolerance. I know what prunes are suppose to do but they effect her immediately and her bottom becomes raw. We have not given her any dairy since she had blood in her stool as a newborn. She has had a bite of a pancake that was made with cows milk and we didn’t see any sort of reaction. That’s promising.
Layton meets with the allergist this week for skin prick testing. Why are we testing her with no signs of reactions? It’s a starting point. By 14 months Tinleighs esophagus was a complete wreck. We don’t want to let things go too long before Layton’s feeling sick. We especially don’t want to see her end up with a feeding tube. So we will start with allergy testing and see what, if anything, comes up. Both of the boys had a large number of foods come up positive and they were eating those things just fine. Then we have Tinleigh who only has 4 things come up positive. I don’t know what statistics are for allergies running in families but I honestly can’t imagine Layton not having any. I pray so hard she doesn’t, but reality is, odds probably aren’t in her favor. If things do come back positive then we’ll discuss what to do with the allergist until we can get her scoped. Our GI doesn’t want to scope Layton until she’s having issues or unless this allergy test comes up with a lot of positives. If Layton’s allergy testing comes back all negative then our hope is to scope her when the other 3 are scoped come June. Some kids with EoE don’t test positive to anything. They don’t have Ige allergies. Which would be wonderful because that’s a scary road.
For now Layton is growing great, healthy and happy. I pray it stays this way for her.

March 15, 2015 - Posted by | LIVING

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  1. What a beautiful little girl. Will continue to pray that she doesn’t have to walk the path of the other children. Susan’s Marion friends are bathing you, and all your family in prayer, right now so much prayer for Tinleigh.


    Comment by Margharet Henry | March 16, 2015 | Reply

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