With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

This time it was me


While I was pregnant with Layton I had a few allergic reactions to food. As my pregnancy went on my list grew. I could not eat tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish or fish. Each of these foods had given me some sort of reaction. Nothing that required an epi pen but enough that I knew I needed to stay away from them. Nathan and I joked that I had gotten food allergies through osmosis.
While meeting our new allergist recently I asked her about my experiences.  She said there was a 50/50 chance that I’ll be able to eat those foods again. She told me it isn’t uncommon for pregnancy hormones to do this. She advised me to make an appointment and have some allergy testing done. Instead, I did my own testing at home. I would NEVER advise this to anyone. We’ve introduced foods to the kids enough times in a cautious manner at the allergist office why not do it on myself.
Last night I made Charlie fish tacos for dinner. I broke off a very small corner of his fillet and licked it. I then waited for a period of time and nothing happened. Next I proceeded to take a tiny nibble. When I say tiny, I mean smaller than a half the size of a tylenol pill tiny. I smashed it all around my mouth and swallowed. About a minute passed when my tongue began to itch and it quickly traveled down my throat. My throat then began to feel gunky like I needed to cough, then all the sudden my chest got really tight. Holy crap I’m having a full blown reaction. Wait, am I really? I took a drink of water and realized I wasn’t imagining this. So I immediately took a couple benadryl and called Nathan. I told him how I was feeling and he suggested I take one more benadryl then asked me if I would be able to epi pen myself. What?! It’s not that bad is it? I guess he would know best. I then told Charlie what was going on. I figured I better tell him so if I do have to use the epi he doesn’t freak out. The first words out of his mouth were “you’re joking right?” I shook my head no. He then offered me a hug. So sweet. I then called my parents, I felt like I needed another grown up around. So I spoke to them while I coughed and hacked waiting for the benadryl to kick in. I will admit I was a little nervous. After a while thankfully the benadryl did kick in and all of my symptoms started to lessen. The last thing to go away was the tightening of my chest.
So I now know to completely avoid fish. I’m thinking I may go to the allergist and be tested for tree nuts, peanuts and shellfish. I didn’t enjoy having a reaction and the next one could be worse.
This gave me a whole new perspective on the kids. I feel so horribly bad for them. More so than I already did. That was a scary horrible experience and they’ve all gone through it multiple times. No wonder they never take food from our kitchen without asking. They’ve never expressed fear when trying a new food. Is it because they have all their trust in me that I won’t let something bad happen? Or do they just want other food so badly they are willing to take that risk? Do they even think about having a reaction at all or have they blocked reactions out of their mind?
Guess I better update our family allergy page.
Kara : fish, possible shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts.

January 29, 2015 - Posted by | LIVING

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  1. Oh no, that sucks big time! Hope you’ll get the all clear for shellfish and nuts!


    Comment by Daniela | January 31, 2015 | Reply

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