With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube


Its going to be a long rough winter.wpid-20141104_162459.jpg

We have 3 nebulizer machines now, so it will speed things up a bit.

We met our new allergist today. She was not intimidated or shocked to hear our family history. She didn’t even bat an eye. I like her. To my surprise though the boys asthma is out of control right now. Charlie failed the breathing test big time. She said one foot almost in the emergency department door bad. Gage was also bad on the scale but not as bad as Charlie. So we have a new action plan for asthma and new daily inhalers for winter. Tinleigh doesn’t officially meet the allergist until Thursday. The allergist heard her coughing just as bad as Charlie and after explaining Tinleigh just finished a round of oral steroids Tinleigh now has the same daily inhaler. I had to make an appointment with the pediatrician after the allergist for Tinleigh because she was still wheezing. The allergist called the pediatrician and let him know what’s up.She told him Tinleigh needs the same inhaler and asked him to send in a prescription for her. I think the doctors here are going to be a good fit for us. So everyone but Layton, knock on wood, is still on breathing treatments with the addition of inhalers. I am praying this is a good plan that will keep the asthma flares at bay all winter.

The appointment wore me out. Four kids in a small room. It was so hot. Tinleigh and Gage were half-naked by the time it was over. I was trying to cover everything I could remember about the boys. Bringing up all the history of everything they’ve gone through. Just thinking about it made me tired. Then talking about the future and what we have to face made me even more tired. I didn’t think the appointment would take that long since we were the first ones of the day. WRONG. It took 3 hours. There was no wait time either. I had only packed snacks for an hour. So of course they were all starving, hot and cranky by the time we got out of there.

Once we left I had to immediately call the pediatrician to get Tinleigh’s appointment set. Well, I had forgotten I was low on gas that morning. We pulled into the appointment with 3 miles left to go. When we got in the car after  the appointment I had forgotten again. So on the phone with the nurse I noticed I had 1 mile until empty. My heart raced because I had no idea where a gas station was. I couldn’t hang up and map one. Luckily I saw one up the road. We had a stop light and traffic to get through though to get there. We pulled in as it flipped to 0. I was so relieved. I had the 4 cranky butts, pouring down rain and was exhausted from the appointment, would not have been a good day to run out of gas.

Now we’re home. Everyone has done yet another round of breathing treatments. Everyone is full. Layton tried carrots for the first time and loved them. I’m just praying everyone heals during the night and no one goes backwards. I’m not ready for an ER visit or hospital stay. We have no action plan for that.

Time to find a sitter/helper/personal nurse

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