With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Hello sick season

We’re starting cold and flu season off right. Monday Gage stayed home with a fever and wheezing. Today Charlie was swabbed for strep and his asthma is acting up. 


Tinleigh has been wheezing for 2 days now. She’s having a hard time catching her breath so she got an appointment with the doctor as well.


Poor Layton is sneezing out giant snot balls. That’s one part about being a mom that grosses me out. Snot,  boogers and puke, count me out.


Luckily Charlie’s rapid strep came back negative. We’ll know for sure in 2 days when the culture comes back. It’s happened twice with Charlie that the culture comes back positive. Tinleigh is getting a round of steroids. Anyone want to keep her for the week? Tinleigh on steroids is not fun. She’ll get better quicker though, so I can’t complain.
Should be an interesting winter. The school nurse told me yesterday kids are already getting the flu. Like Charlie said as we were leaving the office, we’ll just tough it out.

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Enjoying life

Since moving we’ve had our shuffle of doctor appointments, transferring of files, many forms to fill out and documents to sign, allergy and asthma attacks, even a couple rounds of the sniffles. Aside from all the usual business we are trying to make it a priority to enjoy our new surroundings. It is beautiful here and we love it.

wpid-2014-09-01-13.15.48.jpg.jpegIt’s hard to take all the kids out at once because there’s such a range in age, but we’re getting the boys out to enjoy nature as much as possible.

wpid-20141019_170502.jpeg wpid-20141018_143356.jpg wpid-20141019_165950.jpeg wpid-20141018_142859.jpg wpid-20141005_150939.jpg wpid-20141018_141848.jpg wpid-20141003_132613.jpg wpid-20141018_142615.jpgNow the leaves have started to change. The mountains full of trees are almost more gorgeous than usual. I can’t wait for full blown fall.

wpid-wp-1414080283437.jpgThe views here are just enough to take my mind off of the daily struggles we face. Although i haven’t joined a mom group or really met anyone, I’m enjoying our new state!! I think the kids truly are as well.

wpid-20141017_105950.jpg wpid-20141005_150608.jpg wpid-20141022_101843.jpg

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Teal pumpkin project

If you are my friend, or read my blog, you know what we go through in my house. I have read article after article from people against the teal pumpkin project.
How its going to eventually ruin Halloween.
Why should America bend this way or that for these kids with allergies when its up to their parents to help teach them to deal with it.
Many of the kids with allergies are not actually diagnosed with allergies.
My blood boils.
I have never felt such anger.
All the teal project asks is that you have a bowl of kazoos or stickers for kids with food allergies since they probably can’t eat the candy you have bought. Let everyone know you have a special allergy bowl by placing a teal pumpkin on your porch.
That’s it.
If you don’t want to do it, don’t. I won’t judge you either way. My kids will love you to pieces if you do it though. Quit making an already crappy night for kids with food allergies worse. Let them have fun. Let them run house to house with their friends and not worry that a peanut candy slips in their bag. Do you know how much I would love to have my kids run around collecting candy all evening and not once ask “mom, is this safe?” Or “here mom, I know I cant eat this.”. It kills me. Then to get home,  dump the loot and sort it out leaving them with maybe 10% of what they collected.
Just like corned beef and cabbage on New Years Day
Valentines day candy
Easter egg hunting and Easter candy
Birthday parties at school
Summer festivals with booth after booth of delicious foods
Forth of July picnics
Having your own birthday when you can’t eat cake
Thanksgiving dinner
Christmas dinner
All the play dates, sleep overs, family gatherings and every other event these kids attend where food is present and they are reminded they are not normal. Places where they face food that if accidentally consumed could possibly end their life.
Why not let them have fun on Halloween just like your kid? You don’t want to buy some glow sticks and paint a pumpkin teal? Fine. Don’t.  Keep your negativity to yourself though.
I will never forget our first Halloween with diagnosed allergies. It was sad once we separate out the safe candy. There wasn’t much left. This year i have two kids with feeding tubes and we live in a new neighborhood.  I doubt every porch, if any, will have a teal pumpkin.  It makes me sad to think about it. So Nathan and I decided we will sort out the candy when we get home. Once that is done we will let the kids trade in all the candy for a small toy. Just something to make them feel a little better. We will then mail all our candy to my cousin serving the U.S.A. overseas. I feel its a win win.
I am not one to voice my opinion like this. I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. As an allergy mom, I can proudly say I have worked my tail off teaching my kids about the dangers they face.  All while trying to make them feel “normal” at every food event we attend. I think it would be great if neighborhoods and communities could help these kids feel “normal” on a food holiday. Is it their job? No, but I bet June Cleaver would have a teal pumpkin on her porch.

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Happy Birthday Tinleigh

Tinleigh turned three today!!


Thank you Cherrybrook farms for making a “safe” cake mix for Tinleigh.




She just learned there’s paper towels as i snapped the picture.


Rolling them back up.

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