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What’s scary about Halloween?

Hey EoE! You make Halloween yet another scary food holiday for my kids.


Looking down the candy aisle makes every EoE mom feel a huge range of emotions I’m certain. I haven’t yet decided how we’ll handle trick or treat this year. Will we trade in candy for a toy? We could also trade in candy for safe candy I have purchased. I dont feel I know the neighbors well enough yet to introduce them to our world of allergies. I still have time to figure it out.
I hate candy aisles.

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Layton has a thing about trialing food.


I’m not sure if it’s texture, taste or she’s just having a hard time getting use to eating food. By about the 8th bite she starts to gag like she doesnt like it. Then the 3rd or 4th sitting with the same food she gags right away and refuses the food. So we’re just doing one two pack of food and moving on. We just finished peas and that went well, until she gagged and shivered.


Today she tried pears. Of course Tinleigh is right there beside me observing. She asked me if she could eat pears. I told her no. In her two year old jargon she explained to me how she could.
Tin: I know!! Layton have teeth?!
Me: No, she does not.
Tin: My get my teeth out. My be a baby. Then my eat pears too!!!
Me: Tinleigh your teeth aren’t coming out and that wont make you a baby. It doesnt work like that.
Tin: yeah huh mom. My have no teeth and my eat pears.
I answered her with an “okay sweetie”. I just didnt feel like explaining everything. Trialing Layton on foods might be a lot harder than I first thought. Now, not only do I have to keep a watchful eye out for reactions. I also have to keep Tinleigh from eating the baby food and start explaining to her why she can’t eat what layton eats. I wish I could say I see this going well, but I see some tantrums in our future.


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Guest blog

I had the honor of being asked to do a guest blog for Cinicinnatti Children’s about living with EoE.

Check it out HERE


karas camera 313

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Lunch please

Shaving cream fight

Shaving cream fight

Charlie has basically been on the same foods for a couple years now and successfully had clean scopes. One could say he is in remission. Charlie can eat wheat and dairy which are huge in our diets. What Charlie is lacking is proteins. I am at a loss for something new to pack in his lunch. I need some ideas! Please help him.

Here is his current do not eat list.


tree nuts

soy (he does eat little amounts, such as if it’s the last ingredient in bread. I’m not talking soy lecithin either, I mean soy flour. Tofu? No way)








scrambled eggs (he can now eat eggs baked in things as long as it’s minimal)


the melon family which includes pumpkin




His list really isn’t bad at all. But he won’t eat chips or pretzels. He’s sick of apples. He’s sick of sun butter. He’ll eat pudding all day long but that won’t sustain him. Any ideas are welcome!!


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Baby meets the big wide world of food

Little Layton is 6 months old! karas camera 526

I just can’t believe how fast time is passing. I don’t know if it’s my age or that I realize she is my last baby, but I am really soaking in everything she is doing. Paying close attention to her new accomplishments each and everyday. Maybe it’s because being my 4th I know it’s going to go by so quickly I don’t want to miss a beat.
We have moved, yet again, and are now settled for the most part. School is in session and the girls and I are adjusting to life with out the boys all day long.
It is recommended that between the ages 4 and 6 months babies should start baby food. Layton is on an elemental formula and to be honest I was am scared to introduce food to her. My fear is that she’s going to have an allergic reaction, then down the road we will discover she has EoE. I hate that she will face those her whole life. A small part of me prays that even though she’s not able to tolerate regular formula just maybe she’ll escape the world of allergies that consumes my family.
Since moving we are able to return to a previous GI doctor that we had in the past. I’m very happy about this. Layton has her first appointment with this GI doctor in October. She has her first allergist appointment in November. Prior to those appointments we want to have foods started to see where Layton’s path will seem to be going. So we started Layton on baby rice cereal. I mixed it with her neocate infant formula and we went at it. Being that this was her first exposure to rice I knew the chances of her having a reaction were smaller.

I was still very nervous.

karas camera 564

I had also forgotten how long of a process it is to feed a baby for the first time. karas camera 570karas camera 567Of course she loved it and was so happy with the whole situation. karas camera 568

That’s how Layton’s personality is. karas camera 577

She’s ALWAYS happy. We made it through the entire tablespoon of cereal and no signs of anything being rejected. About 10 minutes after eating Layton coughed. Then she coughed again. With out looking at each other Nathan and I stopped what we were doing and just stood there looking at her, waiting. She coughed a few more times and I told her to stop it. Not that she understood me, just because I didn’t want this to turn bad. Luckily it turned out to be just a cough. So we’ll try more cereal today and pray that the second exposure doesn’t turn up any sort of reaction.
We’ll feed her plain cereal for 2 weeks then move onto something else. I’m not sure what route I’ll take on the baby food. It’s going to be a long nerve-wracking road.

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