With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

The straw that broke the camels back

It all started April 30th when Nathan left for a long business trip. He was going to be gone for 10 days straight.

I was fine with it.

I could handle things.

I’ve got this!

Hey it’s one less dinner for 10 days! That’s enough to make me happy. That means less groceries and less dishes to clean up!

The kids and I did great the first few days. The only trouble I had was that Gage’s formula and feeding tube supply shipment came 4 days late. Since Tinleigh uses the same exact stuff we were covered. That weekend Gage started coughing. I figured he was getting a cold. I remember Nathan’s comment when I told him “Of course he is, I’m away on a trip”. It never fails that the kids get sick when he’s gone. I tried not to worry about it and we went on with our days.

Tuesday morning Gage was wheezing, Charlie said his throat hurt and Tinleigh was coughing. Well the last two months Charlie has said his throat hurt and he ended up having strep. So I called the doctor and off we went after Gage had a breathing treatment. They did a rapid strep test and it came back negative. PHEW I was relieved.  The doctor raised an eyebrow at Gage hacking in the corner. I said he was fine we were on nebulizer treatments. No big deal for us.

I sent both boys to school on Wednesday. Tinleigh woke up wheezing so now she was also on breathing treatments. Around noon the pharmacy called me with a prescription for Charlie. That’s odd I thought. Then it hit me! OH CRAP HE HAS STREP! I immediately called the doctors office and spoke with the nurse. Yes, Charlie’s culture we sent out came back positive you need to go get him from school right now. So I called the school and asked that they get him ready. Loaded up the girls and off we went. When I arrived Charlie was bouncing around the nurses office playing with a blown up rubber glove. She said he sure doesn’t look sick. I said I know but the doctor said he is. So now Charlie can’t return to school until he’s had his meds for 24 hours, which would be friday. What made me nervous about him being in the nurses office were the two pale white sickly little boys laying on cots. What ever they had I knew we didn’t want.

Thursday Charlie had to stay home. He also started running a slight fever. Well crap that puts him out of school on friday as well. He wasn’t feeling too horrible. His throat never swelled, just felt like wood chips in there he said. I don’t know if he’s just tough as nails or if it really wasn’t that bad. Tinleigh was still wheezing and starting to cough more crud up.

Friday Gage tried to stay home but I figured it was just because Charlie got to stay home. He was fine when I dropped him off. Layton, however, had started a little fever as well. That made me nervous. Then around 12:30 the school called me to come get Gage, he puked. OH NO! I was so hoping he was just stuffed from his feed and that made him puke. That wasn’t the case. Gage was the fifth kid they had sent home that day. I got him home and made him a bed on the couch. He couldn’t even keep down a tablespoon of water. After about 6 hours he was begging to eat and felt fine. It was quick but violent. I called Charlie’s school nurse and asked her about him running a fever. I didn’t know how he could have a fever after being on antibiotics for strep. She broke the bad news that unfortunately it wasn’t related to the strep but probably the stomach but going around.

That night Nathan arrived home. Thank you Lord. I felt like I was running ragged. No breaks. I was barely getting showered. Between feeding tubes, mixing formula, holding the baby, feeding the baby, doing breathing treatments, it was a lot. BUT I DID IT! Ten days on my own.

That evening we had a call about a showing for our house, it’s for sale. I laughed and explained how sick all the kids had been and if anyone came in here they would surely walk out with something. So they said they would be in touch Sunday to figure out what day would work next week.

Saturday morning Tinleigh woke up and puked in bed. Tinleigh continued to puke until about 1pm. Really violent and bad just like Gage’s but only for about 6 hours. Layton was still running a low fever. DSCN4476That night we got everyone into bed and I had a beer. Just one. I told Nathan I had a funny feeling in my throat while drinking it, almost like an allergic reaction. It was strange. Layton woke up around midnight to eat. Charlie puked at 2am. Layton woke back up at 3:30am to eat. Tinleigh woke up around 4 I can’t remember why. Then Charlie was up again at 6 vomiting and on the toilet. Layton was back up at 7 and Tinleigh woke up for that day at 8. This mothers day wasn’t starting out very well. I think it was around the 2am vomiting that I realized my allergic reaction was actually me getting strep. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

So i got up with Tinleigh and got things rolling as far as getting them all set with food so I could go to the urgent care. I left the house and went to one in a neighboring town because ours wasn’t open yet. Sorry ma’am it’s a two hour wait. Are you kidding me it’s mother’s day? I left and drove back to our town. I ran to the store for a few things, dropped them off at home then went to our urgent care that was just opening. I was second in line. My throat hurt so bad I couldn’t talk or swallow. It was so swollen. Well I got quickly bumped to third position because an older man fell outside and hit his head on the cement. Once I got back to my “room” someone else got pushed in front of me because she passed out in the waiting room. They were both taken by ambulance to the ER so I did feel bad for them. Darn it though, I was in pain. They swabbed me. I explained how sick my kids had been and how Charlie and I had strep just a month earlier. My rapid strep test came back NEGATIVE! I seriously almost cried. The nurse had swabbed me but the doctor still wanted to take a look. I opened my mouth and her words were “holy cow! That’s swollen, you will get an antibiotic for that!” phew. They didn’t even bother sending out the culture. Both times I had it recently it wasn’t the sides of my throat that swelled but instead the top part. It was so swollen it hung down past that thing that hangs down in the back of your throat. I left and got my prescription – three pills three times a day.

I wanted to crawl in a hole for the day I felt horrible. I knew though how much work it is taking care of all four kids plus they all felt like crap. Layton was now coughing. Tinleigh was now very congested. Well except Gage. He felt fine. Just very left out and lonely. Poor guy, all he wanted to do all weekend was play with daddy and we had too much going on for them to get some good one on one time. By that evening I was able to swallow a little and I could talk again.

Monday morning. Once again Charlie had to stay home for 24 hours after he had been puking. As I loaded them all up to take Gage to school he said mom my throat hurts. Now he and Charlie had been playing for a good hour before school. No signs of sickness from either of them. Layton and Tinleigh though both sounded horrible and I was going to call the doctor for an appointment. I said Gage do you want to go to the doctor and get swabbed for strep? Thinking that would freak him out and he would say no. Of course he said yes. So I made an appointment for the three of them and off we all went to the doctor. They swabbed Gage first thing. Then the doctor listened to Gage’s lungs. She then asked about his wheezing. I said he’s wheezing? She said yes and she wanted him to do a breathing treatment right then. Okay sure. Then as she was typing in her computer she says OH! He has strep. Well shit. Swab Tinleigh too please. So she did then she listened to Tinleigh, which is why I had her there. Let’s give Tinleigh a breathing treatment as well. They both sound very bad and I worry about pneumonia at this point. WHAT?! Please don’t tell me that. So Gage and Tinleigh both did a breathing treatment. 10368448_10204157443043179_1813531377_oGage sounded fine after his treatment. Tinleigh still had some crackling in there. Our doctor was worried about Tinleigh and told me she could really go either way at this point so I needed to keep a close eye on her and keep her on breathing treatments every four hours. Luckily Tinleigh’s strep came back negative. However, since we have it in the house and Tinleigh sounds like she does the doctor wrote her a scrip as well to play it safe. Layton’s congestion was still all in her head. Being so young though it is dangerous and could turn very quickly to her lungs just like with Tinleigh and Gage. So now i’m on the watch for that to happen. I hate being on the verge of super bad illnesses like that.

Home we went. I had a friend get meds for me as I took the kids home and got everyone settled. I had to get a game plan in my head because we had a showing scheduled for wednesday at 5pm. I wasn’t back on my A game yet but was starting to feel much better. DSCN4484

Tuesday Gage had to stay home because he needed to be on his antibiotic for 24 hours before returning to school. Tinleigh was INCREDIBLY whiney and stuck to my leg. I wanted to scream. I had so much to get done to be ready for Wednesday evening. So between her, the baby and Gage I managed to get quite a bit knocked out and ready. Then that night Tinleigh puked again. She couldn’t have picked a better time. I had Charlie’s dinner ready. Layton was crying to eat. I then had to throw Tinleigh in the tub. Gage didn’t want hooked up he wanted fish for dinner. It was total chaos. Of course this was all before Nathan got home from work. I was going crazy.

The next morning both boys went to school. I had a game plan. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Layton didn’t sound good and I needed her to be seen. Our pediatricians office is 35 -45 min away so that cut a chunk out of my day of preparation. Luckily her lungs were still clear. She was having post nasal drainage and had a touch of the flu. Imagine that. We ran back home and I had to re-evaluate what I thought was important to get done. Tinleigh was still super whiney and clingy. She had vomited again that morning. Both times though it was formula and black olives so i’m beginning to think she can’t tolerate black olives. Three o’clock I left to get the boys from school. We ran back home and a friend came over to help me. Gage had ball practice so we would leave a few minutes before 5 and head there. Well I had everything ready to go, kids were fed and the house looked presentable. About a half hour before we left it started raining. Well in my panic of cleaning I didn’t notice the boys were out playing in it. I was so mad. They got changed and at ten till we left. IT WAS POURING at this point. There the people sat in the driveway ready to come in. So I loaded the kids in the car and we headed to walmart. I knew practice had been canceled. No sooner did I get everyone in and headed towards the diapers did I get a phone call. “Kara, there’s water coming in the laundry room from outside”

I rushed home. I called a neighbor and asked if I could bring the kids over. I quickly ran in the house to see the damage before running them over. That did it. I finally had a break down. Seeing a few inches of water in my laundry room and along two walls of our family room did me in.

This super woman cracked.

I stood there holding Layton and cried. Only for about thirty seconds though because I had to get this taken care of. I rain the kids to the neighbors house then rushed back home. Luckily the agent showing the house moved the boxes out of the laundry room. They were boxes of Gage’s and Tinleigh’s formula and supplies. I will be forever grateful she did that. I sent her an email later that evening thanking her and explaining what she had saved.

The rain was so hard and fast the drain outside the laundry room door couldn’t handle all the water. So into our house it came. (Luckily, not our problem. It’s a rental and no thank you we will be buying another house. Not this one with water issues.)

So  I hope this explains my lack of blogging, yet again. Maybe these last few weeks of May will be enjoyable.

Charlie did inform me next week is River Monster week on animal planet.

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