With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Time for jack-o-lanterns

DSCF5107First we needed pumpkins. So we headed to a local pumpkin farm recommended by a neighbor. Upon arriving the first thing you could see were goats, high up on silos. DSCF5075I knew right then we were definitely in the right place. Since we’re southern and living in NY I was not expecting to be blown away by a pumpkin patch. It was quite interesting. They had little goat ramps from the ground up to the top of the silo. They then had a “goat-walk”  all the way around the top of the silo. There were a few platforms at the top where goats could stand and you could feed them. You purchase a cup of food then stick it on a pulley system and send it up to the goat! I was impressed. DSCF5077Next up were some very simple rain gutters cut in half and set up on a downward slope. At the top was a water pump. The object was to pump the water as fast as you could sending a rubber duck sliding down the gutter. Whoever made it to the end first won. I think my boys could have done this all day.

Yes, I am pregnant. DSCF5080Of course they had a huge rope maze. If you look in the distance you will see Tinleigh running like a wild woman. Just short enough to run under the ropes. They did have a huge corn maze but by the time we got to it Tinleigh was DONE for the day. Gage was pretty tired too. Charlie begged but I knew it would be a disaster. DSCF5083I thought this was cool. It’s called a jumping pillow. It looked as if it came right out of the ground. No sides on it. Wish I would have gotten a better picture so you could see how big it was. It was designed in Scandinavia over 15 years ago. The boys helped Tinleigh to the top. It too a bit of coaxing to get Gage up there. We had forgotten his Benik belt which he wears to protect his button. I assured him no one was going to tackle him and he would be fine. He ended up loving it. Charlie stayed right with Tinleigh the entire time. He’s so protective, I love it. DSCF5086Next we did some go carts and a giant cargo net and slide. Then we met back up with the goats. The kids quickly learned the goats would eat anything they shoved through the fence. It was on. DSCF5101Tinleigh was feeding all the goats leaves while the boys were shoving grass through. They have no fear of animals.

friendsWe snapped a quick picture through a cut out.DSCF5105My mom went with us. She got to enjoy the train ride since my belly was too big to fit. We didn’t feel safe just strapping Tinleigh in there and sending her on her way. Charlie’s cart had a horn. Big mistake putting him in that one. DSCF5106There were other things like swings and things to climb on. We saw some other farm animals and a magician.

Nathan has always been the pumpkin carver. A few days after bringing the pumpkins home it was time to carve them. The boys picked what they wanted and Nathan went to work. DSCN3533This was the first year we had an issue with Charlie being allergic. He was determined to constantly touch the pumpkins. We had rubber gloves on him but he wasn’t as cautious as he has been in years past. moms 021He just didn’t care. We had to explain to him it’s not safe for him to touch it. He was just being a stubborn 7-year-old. Gage explained to Charlie that it’s not safe for him to touch eggs but Charlie can touch eggs. Then how Gage can touch pumpkin but Charlie can’t. They’ve caught on to how I try to make everything even out. 🙂DSCN3535 So a few hours later we had two pumpkins done. DSCN3541Tinleigh’s still isn’t done. DSCN3538I might just throw some glitter on it.

Just another holiday tradition we made it through with no allergy attacks! Luckily in the animal barn they had a sink for hand washing. I imagine if that wouldn’t have been there we would have had some swollen eyes from touching the animals then rubbing their eyes. Never fails.

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