With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

An allergy mom’s day

Get up – non-school day

Get Tinleigh out of bed. Change her and get her dressed.

Make coffee

Make her elemental bottle

Get Gage’s formula made and get him hooked up

Make Charlie some breakfast

Start thinking about dinner

start thinking about finding a recipe to bake for Tinleigh today

Decide to do THIS blog today

Pour coffee

Scan fridge in hopes of getting a spark for dinner.

Decide to clean out a few things that are too old to be eaten

Tried to google a ground pork and ramon noodle recipe for Charlie. He only recently got to try pork ramon noodles and loves them. So I’m thinking his dinner will be some ground pork tossed in and done. Maybe I’ll toss in a few veggies as well. One dinner planned!

Nathan and I will have beef and noodles. mmmmm Two dinners done!

Ok onto Tinleigh.

Oh maybe there’s a hippy food store nearby that has millet in the grain form and I can make her “oatmeal”. That’s what we use to call it for Gage. hmmm more googling. (hippy is not a word in my word press dictionary lol)

mom called

Found a Trader Joes. It’s a 30 min drive though. Maybe tomorrow if the boys go fishing T and I will head that way. If not then today it is! Texting Nathan

Still need a recipe to make her something, she isn’t drinking her formula this morning.

Made Charlie more breakfast

pour more coffee

Tinleigh isn’t drinking her elemental this morning. Grrrrrrrrr Time for some squeeze pouches. Hey Plum, Sprout and Gerber want to send me some Tinleigh safe samples, there’s only two or three of each brand she can have!!!! Or lower your prices please.

Noticed Tinleighs eyes are swollen and red underneath. Called Nathan. Called allergist. Called friend. Posted on EoE fb page asking could it be fish. Waiting on allergist to call back. Went ahead and gave her Benadryl. (this killed an hour)

sort of blurry but you can see they're swollen

sort of blurry but you can see they’re swollen

Got kids set up with play-doh. DSCN3483

Tinleigh pooped normal!! YAY

I put some clothes on. Should probably eat something it’s almost noon.

Time for some lunch for Tinleigh and down for nap. She’s yawning from the Benadryl.

Tinleigh down for nap with formula

Allergist called – try fish again tomorrow. Eyes more than likely not related.

Ran back upstairs and gave Tinleigh her slurry meds. Almost asleep and didn’t drink any of her formula. :/

12:45pm Made Charlie grilled cheese and sliced up a giant apple. Gage isn’t hungry and it’s not time to hook him up. I warmed up some leftover pizza for myself. Time to rest this baby making body for a little bit.

2-1/2 hours after starting the boys are still doing play-doh. I love that stuff

Gage got hungry and had one of his rice flour cinnamon sugar pancakes and black olives

cleaned the kitchen and got the beef shredded

Gage wants more pancakes

Tinleigh woke up

Gave her a couple popsicles

Boys are still playing play-dohDSCN3488

I cleaned up a bit under their table

Called insurance company

Changed Tinleigh’s diaper

Got the noodles into the beef with the rest of the ingredients

Crap forgot to get out the ground pork for Charlie’s dinner

Thought – need to feed Ron the lizard

Made Gage and Tinleigh each their own batch of pancakesDSCN3491

Gage’s turned out perfectDSCN3493

I managed to mess up something in Tinleigh’s 😦DSCN3494

Made a new EoE mom friend on FB

Fed RonDSCN3495

Fed Ron’s crickets

Gave Tinleigh a pancake, an orange and some neocate jr chocolate in her tiny bottleDSCN3498

Gage chowed down two pancakes.

Cleaned more play-doh up – we’re going on 6 hours now. They literally have only left the table for more cars, animals or to use the restroom. DSCN3489

Made a pitcher of iced tea

Thought about a snack

Checked on Tinleigh

Ate a greek yogurt

Cleaned the kitchen again, emptied dishwasherDSCN3492

Got Gage an orange

Kept cleaning kitchen

Neighbor boys knocked on the door. After 6-1/2 hours the play-doh came to an end

Hey Play-doh – if you need a couple of test subjects for new product I’ve got your men!!!

I cleaned up the remaining play-doh after the boys were done cleaning

Cleaned up Tinleigh’s dinner

Started making Charlie’s dinner

Crap pork smelled sour

Quick think!! What else can he have

Sliced tomatoes and black olives

Handed Tinleigh more formula

Sat the rest of Gage’s pancake and orange in front of him

6:30 Nathan gets home

Gave Tinleigh more formula – it’s a 2oz bottle

Had my 50th debate with Charlie that snipes aren’t real, they don’t feed on apple cores, they don’t change color like a chameleon and they aren’t out during the day. Lastly, salt water does not kill them.

Took Tinleigh outside

Brought Tinleigh in

Sat and talked to Nathan for 15 min while he let her have POP!

Threw TInleigh in the tub then in bed with her formula bottle

Nathan started making our potatoes for our dinner

Threw Gage in the shower

Sent Charlie to the shower

Got Gage hooked up and gave him a snack of Rice Dream ice cream.


Checked on Charlie

Gave Tinleigh her slurry after drinking her bottle

Hooked Gage up for a breathing treatment

Made Charlie a bowl of ice cream

Got my dinner plate

Ate dinner

Scrolled through pinterest

Unhooked Gage and put the boys to  bed

Finished up the dishes


That was my day.

I’ll sit, relax and watch tv for a few hours then crash.

Yes I did type this throughout the entire day not to miss anything. When does she clean you may ask. I clean while the boys are at school. That’s when I also run errands. It was a very typical day for us with all kids home, aside from the play-doh marathon. Usually the boys would be outside playing. No major allergy attacks. My heart did skip a beat when Gage yelled “Tinleigh ate some play-doh!!!” She was fine though. Play-doh contains wheat. She didn’t like it thankfully. Do you eat dinner that late every night? Yes, typically it’s after all kids are in bed.

I will sleep like a baby tonight.

October 11, 2013 - Posted by | LIVING

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  1. Again, I say you are Wonder Woman, and yes, I really mean it! You are a GREAT mom, and you should be so proud of all you do for your family! Hugs!!!


    Comment by Jessica | October 12, 2013 | Reply

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