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Mystery hives

Among one of the most hated things in my house are mystery hives.DSCN3038

As Tinleigh was eating a dinner of safe foods I noticed three blotches on her belly. For a second I didn’t think anything of it because she was shirtless and could have just scratched her belly for an itch. Then it started. She went crazy itching her tiny torso like a crazy baby. I quickly grabbed her out of her chair and threw her in the tub. By the time we got there her entire belly was red. I quickly scrubbed her down and in that two minutes the bumps popped right up. So I slathered her in anti-itch cream and threw a diaper on her. Got her down to the kitchen and gave her a dose of benadryl just to be safe. Her breathing was completely fine and there were no hives on her face at all. You would think if it had been something she was eating the hives would have been on her face as well. It was the strangest occurrence of hives I have seen to date. Still have no idea what it could have been.

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