With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

Freezy pop

I’m going to start this one out with a big thank you to my SIL. She had the brilliant idea of using the freezy pop tubes and putting a liquid in there that Gage can eat as a Popsicle.

First buy a huge cheap bag of the freezy pops. DSCN3080 Next, dump out desired amount of pops you want to make safe.DSCN3081I actually did a lot more than this but you get the idea. Make sure and rinse them out good!DSCN3083 Then fill with the safe liquid. For Gage I used grape kool-aid and lemonade.DSCN3082

I then stood them up in a pitcher and placed them in the deep freezer. These make for one happy boy!DSCN3100

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A plate

This picture makes me so happy.

My Gage with a plate of food.

He WILL eat again, tube free.


Rice noodles, blue berries and green beans.

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We paint

I have always wanted to let my kids paint on canvases to hang. I finally did!

I found a 10 pack of 8×10 canvases at the craft store on sale and of course I had a coupon for 50% off one item. SCORE!¬† I also bought a pack of acrylic paints and home I went. Sadly the bag sat in my kitchen for a good two weeks. The thought of getting the paint out with all three of them and letting them go at it worried me a bit. Finally, I got brave. DSCN3056 DSCN3053 DSCN3055The boys really did an awesome job of not making a mess! I am going to go ahead and thank their teachers for teaching them the right and wrongs of painting.

Tinleigh on the other hand has had no schooling yet. DSCN3057DSCN3060DSCN3061DSCN3062She did not like it on her hands. Anywhere else, she was cool with. It didn’t cross my mind until she was covered “What if they’re allergic to the paint?”. Luckily no one was. Guess next time I’ll check the ingredients. I did recently learn school chalk board chalk contains dairy. They put some weird ingredients in things. Always check labels!!!

The boys worked really hard on their paintings. I think we painted for almost two hours!

DSCN3059 DSCN3058I was so pleased with how they all turned out. They look awesome in the toy room!DSCN3078

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My bow man

I love Gage’s enthusiasm for everything outdoors. Different from Charlie’s constant digging and bug catching. Gage is more of a sportsman. He absolutely loves shooting his bow. I hope we can find some competitions for him this summer. He is strong as an ox and has the strength to pull it back all by himself. Any amount of time Nathan will give him to go shoot, Gage is all over it.

DSCN3049He even shoots while feeding. Tubie on the go!! I am so thankful for that little backpack.



Just another something to do where food allergies don’t get in the way. They do tend to get pretty stuffy and a mess when they go to the woods to hunt, but my boys don’t care about the snot. I just wash them down and give them Benadryl when they get home.

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Mystery hives

Among one of the most hated things in my house are mystery hives.DSCN3038

As Tinleigh was eating a dinner of safe foods I noticed three blotches on her belly. For a second I didn’t think anything of it because she was shirtless and could have just scratched her belly for an itch. Then it started. She went crazy itching her tiny torso like a crazy baby. I quickly grabbed her out of her chair and threw her in the tub. By the time we got there her entire belly was red. I quickly scrubbed her down and in that two minutes the bumps popped right up. So I slathered her in anti-itch cream and threw a diaper on her. Got her down to the kitchen and gave her a dose of benadryl just to be safe. Her breathing was completely fine and there were no hives on her face at all. You would think if it had been something she was eating the hives would have been on her face as well. It was the strangest occurrence of hives I have seen to date. Still have no idea what it could have been.

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When life hands you lemons…

Yeah, I would say I have a huge basket of lemons.

Gage wanted lemons in this food trial, why not. This Friday was his start on lemons. I forgot. First thing Saturday morning you can bet we went right to the store and bought lemons. DSCN3001

Gage, of course, ate a lemon right away.

Then we found the best recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s page to make homemade lemonade.

Nathan went right to work. Apparently we’re lacking a citrus juicer. DSCN3000

I am now addicted to this lemonade. It is so yummy. Thank you Pioneer Woman!

Gage loves it too!DSCN3011

So far so good with the lemons.

He’s also trialing green beans, strawberries, tapioca/chebe, and cocoa right now.

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Let’s build

Check out your local Lowe’s for a free kids building class!

My boys had a great time this morning.

Just another something to do that’s allergy free.

Unless the saw dust kicks up your asthma. Take your inhaler just in case. ūüėČ

IMG-20130622-00208 IMG-20130622-00209 Sweden-20130622-00210 Sweden-20130622-00213Sweden-20130622-00214My little  MEN!

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An aquarium find at a garage sale with everything needed – score!

A local pet store that breads bearded dragons – peace of mind

Two little boys with their new allergen friendly pet – pricelessfacebook_1648376857

Ron sleeping after his big day joining our family.

Ron sleeping after his big day joining our family.

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Here comes summer!

Even though today was our last official day of school we have already began our summer activities. I’m quickly realizing this summer is going to take some planning. There really won’t be any days I can wake up and say let’s head out. My list of things to pack has become huge. We truly can’t eat out anywhere so if we’re gone more than a few hours I have to pack food. I also have to keep watch of the clock to make sure Gage gets his feedings at the right time.

My packing list:

Emergency bag: rescue inhalers, Benadryl, epi pens

Gage’s feeding backpack: water, formula, or premixed in water bottle, bag, extension, distilled water and syringe.

Gage’s box of emergency supplies in case his button falls out.

Then there’s a lunch bag for Tinleigh, Charlie and a few snacks for Gage.

Tinleigh’s baby things such as diapers, wipes, pacifier and bunny.

It’s not quick getting out the door needless to say. I think it takes me a solid 45 minutes to get everything ready.

Here are a few things we’ve made it out to do so far

We’ve picked strawberries!


What made it even more fun was that Gage is doing a strawberry trial right now! We wouldn’t have gone if he wasn’t able to eat them.

Of course Charlie found a frog

Of course Charlie found a frog

We’ve been swimming!

DSCN2869 DSCN2870

We have pet tadpoles from the backyard.


They had the sprinkler out

DSCN2991 DSCN2988Their last day of school we did a balloon release!


Another huge part of our summer is that Gage is now eating a few foods. He passed his rice and blueberry trial. He had a few eosinophils so he didn’t pass with flying colors but it wasn’t bad enough to make him stop eating those things. He’s also now trialing strawberries, cocoa, tapioca, green beans and lemons. All three kids are scheduled to be scoped in August.

Trying cocoa and rice milk

Trying cocoa and rice milk

We got the ok to make him a rice flour based cake for his birthday.

We got the ok to make him a rice flour based cake for his birthday.

I can finally feel at ease with my boys in my house, all day everyday, and not have to worry about the what if’s all day long. I’m so excited for a fun summer in our new town!

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