With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube

An ER double

It started last saturday the 16th. We arrived at Nathan’s sisters house and Gage was shivering with a headache. Looked as pale as a ghost with dark circles around his eyes. He had woke up with a stuffy nose. In allergy world that’s common. We took his temp and he had a low grade fever. So Nathan took him to lay down and finish his feeding we had started in the car. About 10 minutest later Nathan was calling me, Gage had thrown up. He does get car sick so I was sort of thinking it was a combo of carsick and not feeling good in general.
Sunday 17th: Gage’s fever spiked up to 103.5.  I gave him pedialite through his tube and by bedtime was giving him formula again. He didn’t vomit anymore.
Monday 18th: Gage woke up with a low grade fever. By noon he had broke out in a full sweat and was fine. I thought we were done. By 5pm he was back up to 102. Darn. He had even had normal feedings all day.
Tuesday 19th: Gage wasn’t walking. He woke up that morning and told us it hurt to walk. He was up on his tiptoes when we did try to make him walk. What in the world was going on? His fever was low. Then we remembered he had been complaining about pain behind his knees. We had wrote it off as growing pains. Some red flags went up that we didn’t want to say out loud. So I packed up Gage’s feed bag and snacks for Tinleigh and off to urgent care we went. Our pediatrician was in meetings until noon and we couldn’t be seen until 4. I wasn’t going to wait. The answer we got at urgent care was wait a day. If he’s still like this tomorrow take him to the hospital where they can do x-rays and blood work.Home we went. Gage’s fever had gone away the rest of the day and we were happy about that but he literally sat on the couch all day. Charlie even tried to get him to play. He would not walk, it hurt. Things were great until bedtime, his fever went back up. Oh, wait, it had dipped down to 96.4 at one point during the day. Strange. I had fed him normal feedings all day and he never vomited.
Wednesday 20th: I was so anxious for morning to come in hopes he would bounce out of bed fine. Yeah, that didn’t happen. He was still on tip toes. Still had a low grade fever. I called our pediatrician, he was now on vacation for the next 10 days. So I packed Gage’s feed bag and tons of food for Tinleigh then headed to the pediatric ER. We arrived at 11:15am. I was pushing Tinleigh in her stroller with my big purse/diaper bag, a duffle bag full of Tinleigh and Gage food and 43lb Gage on my hip. We must have looked so funny that instead of offering help everyone just watched us walk by. Luckily we were checked right in. Gage was nervous and told everyone no needles. I very well knew there would be needles. The doctor evaluates Gage then says he wants another doctor to look at him instead. In the meantime they came for blood.  Gage knew exactly what was about to happen as soon as two nurses walked in with the little tray. His chin started quivering. I just semi laid next to him and we pressed foreheads. I kept apologizing over and over to him. They drew the blood and left an IV in in case he needed antibiotics. The IV was do traumatic for him he couldn’t stop complaining about it. 20130320_133112I don’t know what it was this time, he’s had a dozen IV’s. This time, he was mad. A few minutes after it was in the second doctor came in to take a look at him. We had to bribe him down off the bed to show her how he was walking. The IV had him so distracted that he was walking better than he had been. The doctor was awesome. I told her this was the best I had seen him walk. Well, she was noticing things I wasn’t. There was definitely something wrong. I inquired about our length of stay and she advised I call daddy to pick up Charlie from school. Darn. A few hours later and the blood tests they had done for infection were negative. Then it was off to x-rays. He went in by himself like a big boy and did just perfect. The time waiting for the x-ray results were horrible. I was so scared we would see something. Luckily they came back just fine. Next step was more blood. However, they couldn’t draw it from the IV. They had to stick him again. I wasn’t happy and neither was Gage. Around the time of the x-ray I had put Tinleigh in her stroller. She was calm so I just kept pushing her back and forth to try and get her to nap. 20130320_153012It worked, for about 10 minutes until someone woke her up. However, she sat there quietly and didn’t try to get out. So I kept pushing, she dozed back off.

Finally around 3:30 they came in and had results. Gage’s CK (Creatine kinase)  level in his blood was up. This causes myositis. This can all be related to an autoimmune disease as well so I have some questions for his GI doctor, EoE is an autoimmune disease. He wasn’t dehydrated but his body needed extra fluids to flush things out so his muscles would feel better. This meant we would be there another 4 hours while they gave him fluids through his IV. Great.

I asked where the vending machines were because I was starving. They were nice enough to bring me a little food they keep for patients. Guess I basically got what they would have given Gage. Tinleigh had dozed off one more time, that was strange.

Finally around 4ish Gage was hooked up and Tinleigh had woke up. She had bright pink cheeks. Just then the nurse came in to take Gage’s vitals. I asked her if she was allowed to take Tinleigh’s temp. She got a sly look then quickly did it under her arm. 102. Shit. So I gave her some tylenol and called Nathan. We decided to just admit her to the ER as well. About 2 hours later Tinleigh had her own little band on her ankle which we had to hide under her pants because she was PISSED off they put it on her. I’m not going to go into details about everything that ticked her off for the rest of the ER visit because it was basically everything. I was concerned she could end up with high CK levels like Gage and I wanted her swabbed for the flu. What happened with Gage was common, but for it to happen to Tinleigh wasn’t likely. He likely had something viral and then the CK levels went up in result of the virus. They go hand in hand but not always together. So I didn’t need to worry about that with Tinleigh. They swabbed both Gage and Tinleigh for the flu. By 8pm Gage was done with his IV and released. He was walking normal and after another blood draw we learned his CK levels were coming down. Praise!! Shortly after Tinleighs flu results came back positive for flu B.  They told me Gage’s was negative.

By 9:15 we were in the car headed home.

We beat my birthday Charlie stitches ER trip by an hour. We arrived home around 10:30 and Nathan said Charlie was on the couch pretending to be sick. So I went in with the thermometer just to give Charlie some special attention. Well, turned out Charlie wasn’t lying. He had a 101 fever. Darn.
Thursday 21st: Everyone slept in a little since we were up so late. Gage didn’t have a morning temp. Charlie’s was low grade and Tinleigh slept. So I hooked up Gage and got Charlie some toast. Tinleigh still slept. I got laundry going and dishes done. Tinleigh still slept. I called mom and she suggested I do go wake her up and get some fluids in her. I did just that. Her temp was only 101.7. Not as bad as I had expected. She felt cruddy though, she just wasn’t her spunky self. She didn’t want her milk bottle so I gave her some gatorade and tylenol. She chugged down about 4 ounces. Then about 10 minutes later she puked it all up. She immediately grabbed her bottle and went to town on it again. Then puked it right back up. She then went to the fridge and started yelling EAT EAT EAT. I had to distract her because no way was I going to put her through that, eating and puking more. I got playdough out for the boys and she wanted to play too so I pulled her chair up and they all played. 20130321_131412I hooked Gage up for his lunch and made Charlie some noodles. Tinleigh was starting to get irritable so I got her down from the table and gave her a little more gatorade. It stayed down. Then I unhooked Gage. As I started to gather Tinleighs things for nap Gage moaned at me. As I turned and looked at him it was like slow motion. I knew exactly what was about to happen but couldn’t do anything. He was about to puke. Then he puked. I grabbed the trash can and he puked more. He continued puking until every drop of his feed was in the trash can. All 13 ounces. Well crap. Then about 20 minutes later my phone rang. High Kara this is so and so from the ER just letting you know that Gage and Tinleigh both came back positive for Flu B. Really? I hadn’t noticed. We’re thinking Gage had a virus and now has influenza. So Gage is now back down, Charlie’s fever is slowly rising again and Tinleigh is napping by 1:30. Gage didn’t have a fever but instead had a low temp of 97.4. I let a few hours pass then I hooked him up with 6 oz of pedialite. I can’t let Gage get dehydrated because his CK levels could easily go back up. Charlie wouldn’t eat anything but toast and drink chocolate milk. As long as it was staying down I stuck with it. Tinleigh slept. Finally around 6:30 Nathan got home. Gage had fallen asleep on the couch and Charlie was up to 102 and feeling like super crud. I made my break for the grocery. Just as I’m checking out Nathan calls, Tinleigh woke up, drank gatorade and puked. UGH. Home I go. We decided Tinleigh needed pedialite so Nathan ran and got some. Charlie decided he wanted to go to bed. That was fine with me. Gage was on his 3rd feeding of pedialite since he had puked. I am so glad he is keeping it down. Before bed I checked everyone’s temp. Charlie was 102, Tinleigh was 99 and Gage was 95.5. Both boys got a shower and were tucked in. Tinleigh wasn’t quite ready for bed and I wanted to try and get more fluids in her. She drank 2 ounces and all was well. Her and I sat and watched team umizoomi. About 15 minutes into it she had slithered her way off my lap and onto the floor and was just laying there. She was definitely ready for bed now. Nathan was upstairs working so we went up to say goodnight. I laid her on my bed to change her diaper and I could hear it coming up. I scooped her up and leaned her over my arm outward so she would puke on the hardwood floor and not my bed. She yakked up all the pedialite. Darn. So she’s on the fast road to dehydration at this point.

I just checked the boys temps. Gage is at 96.5 and Charlie is at 99.7. I also gave Gage another feeding while he slept. Hopefully we can try formula tomorrow. I woke Tinleigh up and offered her some pedialite. She drank about 3/4 of an ounce. So far it’s staying down and she went right back to sleep. So they’re all medicated and sleeping.

Nathan has to travel tomorrow and won’t be around so I want to try to avoid an ER trip with all three kids. It was a year ago March 1st that Tinleigh had been in the hospital with RSV. That reminds me Gage also has a full blown cold, which on day three always means asthma flare. Tomorrow will be day 3 of that.
The boys get scoped next Tuesday. I’ve already called the nurse to see if it can still happen. She informed me as long as they don’t have a fever the day of and can breath normally then they will be scoped. So stay away asthma and go away fevers!
I’m sure I’ll update tomorrow. Hopefully someone will improve!DSCN2591

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  1. Oh my! Prayers sent for all 3 kiddos and you!


    Comment by Dawn Dillon | March 22, 2013 | Reply

  2. Holy cow! When it rains it pours at your house! Hoping EVERYONE starts feeling better ASAP and no more puke for mommy to clean up either! Hugs and prayers your way!


    Comment by Jessica | March 22, 2013 | Reply

  3. Thinking of you all…


    Comment by Sharon Hostetler | March 22, 2013 | Reply

  4. Mother’s are the warriors for children! You are an amazing mom who kept everything under control and moving forward. I hope you get a break this Mother’s Day. Your kids are very luck to have you as their mommy!


    Comment by gratefulfoodie | April 24, 2013 | Reply

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