With EoE, Allergies, Asthma and a G-Tube


My miss Tinleigh
It’s that dreaded time every baby fears. Shots. My temperamental fireball gets mad at herself if she falls down. How will she handle shots this go around?
Not well. She had to get 5. I’m not sure if the shots themselves were worse or if it was the removal of the band aids after her bath that night.
The thing that worried me the most this time around was the MMR shot. Development of the vaccine involves eggs. Gage is anaphylactic to eggs but got the shot before we knew that. He did just fine with it. Tinleigh doesn’t test positive to eggs but does test positive to chicken. She has never eaten an egg though. Not sure why I was so worried with her getting it. It maybe just the fact that all three of my kids are allergy balls and if someone were to react to a vaccine it would be one of my kids. The doctor wanted her to have it because he felt the risk of her catching one of the viruses around here was high. So we did it. Five shots in with some very loud screaming and one pissed off baby I decided it would be best to linger in the doctors office a little longer than usual afterwards. It’s been two days since the shots and no symptoms.

We did decide not to do the flu shot this year. Both boys test positive to eggs and chicken. Having the allergist do a skin prick test with the actual vaccine to see if they have a positive or negative reaction, is by far worse than the kids actually having the flu for 24 hours. My kids fear needles more than doomsday prepper’s fear the end. I had a flu bout towards the end of December and Charlie had it just this week for 24 hours. Luckily Gage and Tinleigh haven’t gotten it. Knock on wood. I refuse to put the kids through more needles unless it’s necessary. Nathan and I both agreed that even though the flu can turn ugly, it’s not worth putting them through what they think is torcher to get the shot. I do all I can to keep them healthy everyday, what’s curing a little flu bug?

I believe vaccines are a huge controversy. Mainly linking to autism. How do other allergy moms feel about vaccines? Do they avoid giving their child certain vaccines? Are they like us and pray for no reaction to the vaccine to protect our child’s health in the long run? Do all egg positive people steer clear of the flu shot or do they risk it?

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